Posted by: John Edwards | December 11, 2008

John MacArthur vs Kenneth Hagin (a Word of Faith article)


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John MacArthur has become one of my very favorite teachers over the last several months. He has officially become my very favorite when it comes to guys on the radio. When I was a WOFER, Kenneth Hagin was my favorite. Now I listen to MacArthur every single day. I have read some of his books too which helped to deliver me from the deception that I had been in for years. His book, Charismatic Chaos, is top shelf.

Whats is funny to me is that John MacArthur and Kenneth Hagin have some of the same sermons. They say a lot of the same things but in a different way. For instance, last week John MacArthur did a sermon series called “Richer than you think”. It was all about the benefits that we have in Christ and about how we often ask God for things that already belong to us. It was the same sermon Kenneth Hagin preached for decades. There are only really two major differences. Kenneth Hagin talked about financial blessings, material prosperity and healing. John MacArthur’s same message was more balanced and included all the yuk promises we never heard about in the WOF. Like we are promised to suffer!

The major difference in the two messages was how to appropriate the blessings. Of course with Hagin, the key is confession. Speak the promise out loud. The key is in your mouth. Confession brings possession. John MacArthur simply said that these things, these blessings simply belong to us now. They are already mine now in Christ to enjoy. I don’t even have to confess them!

I like John MacArthur’s teaching. He studies all of his texts from the original languages before he prepares his sermons. He studies the context and the history behind the text. Nothing is twisted out of context. Nothing is spun to fit an agenda. His focus is on Christ and not on faith, prosperity and healing.

I have an Word of Faith contact in Southern California that I have corresponded with in the past. I was in Hollywood when I heard him on the radio. The bulk of his teaching is about money. He has been sending me his writings for months. He finally read my blog and asked me not to email him anymore. I guess all the scriptures warning about greed bothered him some. That’s what I like about MacArthur. He is passionate about the Word of God and about God’s Glory. The Word of Faith is obsessed with money and success. It is a get rich infomercial. Look at the WOF web sites and you will quickly discover that they worship wealth. When I was going to seminary out there in Tulsa, I heard about money constantly. Money and faith, faith and money. Sad. I am so glad to be set free from chasing money and success. It is a great joy to receive emails from people leaving the Word of Faith in droves!



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