Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 17, 2010

Junker Jeorge: The Dangerous Kenneth Hagin Cult

The Dangerous Hagin Cult

I wanted to warn you against the dangers of being involved in the Word of Faith Movement, which gains most of it’s doctrine from the teachings of Prophet Kenneth Hagin.

The Word of God is very clear in warning Christians not to add or take away from the Bible, and to accept no other Gospel or revelations. Many sincere believers have had their lives and faith ruined and shipwrecked by the teachings of Kenneth Hagin and his followers.

Kenneth Hagin claimed to have had at least eight meetings with Jesus Christ, some of which were for hours at a time. In these claimed visions, Kenneth Hagin received many revelations that he claims were given to him face to face by Christ. The Apostle Paul warned about this in Galatians Chapter one. Kenneth Hagin made many failed and inaccurate prophecies. The Scriptures clearly teach that if a prophet’s word does not come to pass, then we are not to believe that He spoke for God. I have been in the same room with him when he made predictions that failed.

Much of Kenneth Hgain’s theology can be found in the New Age writings of EW Kenyon whom Hagin plagiarized in his books. EW Kenyon was a Baptist preacher that attended many lectures in Boston in which New Age, New Thought and Eastern Religions were taught. Kenyon’s books and teachings are full of New Age catch words and these same dangerous concepts abound in Kenneth Hagin’s teachings.

If you are involved in the Word of Faith, then many of the teachings that you are being indoctrinated with are based on visions and New Age ideas. This is a dangerous mix of error and deception. People have died from this teaching.

I call the Word of Faith a cult because it’s members follow a man and his visions. The visions are full of extra revelation and unscriptural errors. Hardly a Word of Faith preacher can preach one sermon without quoting Kenneth Hagin.

I myself had my faith shipwrecked through this Movement. I have witnessed first hand the damage this false teaching has done in many, many lives. I receive numerous emails from others that have been almost destroyed by this teaching. It is incorrect. The Scriptures that the Movement uses to support it’s main doctrines have been twisted out of their context and settings.

Christian beware, theology does matter.



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