Posted by: Damon Whitsell | September 9, 2017

Kat Kerr and her “Weather Warriors” fail the first time, so they try commanding hurricane Irma again

Hurricane Irma is already hitting Florida. Why if these people really have power and authority over the weather? Hurricane Irma begins lashing Florida after slamming Cuba…

Kat Kerr and her “weather warriors” did not have enough power in their words and authority over storms to strike down Irma the first time so they are trying it again. How many times did God have to say Let There Be Light? Did Jesus have to command the wind to die down twice when he and his disciples were in the boat? I thought these people were supposed to be able to do greater works than Jesus. Obviously greater in that passage means quantitatively not qualitatively.

The Kat Kerr said – Weather Warriors Session 2 Ruling the weather is the right of every Believer because Christ stopped the storm, we can too. When you are just starting to step out against impossible odds or forecasts you must make a stand that we are changing the normal and stepping into the Supernatural. If you want to really make an impact declare every couple hours: “I command the millibars to RISE in Irma to downgrade it.” That building of high pressure in the core of the storm will devastate its power and we can also speak to the winds to begin to slow down.

I do want to say to all you Weather Warriors who are minors still living with your parents or guardians that if you are in the path of the storm, please honor their requests if they are protecting you out of Love. God gave them the responsibility to care for you and raise you. It does not mean you are stepping back or not fully taking authority because Christ hears your words and you are honoring Him with your desire to be over the Weather. We are doing this together as the Body of Christ to let the enemy know he will NO longer be in charge of our world or our lives. Let’s right now hit Irma and begin to knock it to the north out to sea where it will become nothing. We will again hit the storm around 10AM EST to the North East. I will be doing another FB live at that time or if earlier I will give you a notice. Thank you all for stepping into this new time where we will occupy and take dominion with the King of Kings




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