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The Former Word Of Faith Testimony of Victor From India

This testimony is from Victor who is originally from India and now lives in the United States.  Victor also runs &

I am from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The name of my home town is Ramnad. Only for less than 2 years I was under the influence of WoF . When it was first introduced in India many Christians including me were attracted to it. I thought WoF was an “advanced level” of revelation beyond what the traditional pentecostal/charismatic churches had. I concluded that WoF is the “full” gospel and other Christian denominations were lacking something. Then God started opening my eyes. God taught me that He is a Sovereign God and He always works in my life in mysterious ways and always does things more than what I can imagine or think.In the  eighties a Doctor called Justin from India got attracted to the WoF teachings. First he started to air his program from a Radio station which broadcasts Christian programs in some Indian languages from the Seychelles island. Initially he preached against evolution, apologetics and Bible and Archeology.  He was stealth in his approach in introducing the WoF message in India. Therefore many Christians including myself trusted him. He later took my home state by storm (converting the Christians there to WoF) using his seductive powers and charismatic personality.   He said that he would never get sick and he would leave his body at his own will.  By postive confessions about divine healing and health he thought he could live in this earth as long as he can.    He even ridiculed those who were still sick. He was unapproachable in spite of proclaiming a postive message.  Even one of his fellow minister used to tell people who wanted to meet him after the meetings that they need to go and see him with boldness.  He used ot say “You have to believe in your heart and not in your brain.  He was spearheading the WoF movement in my home state.   Many innocent Christians were deceived by his false teachings.  Dr. Justin’s influence was growing rapidly. He moved to state capital and was able to gather 2000 people in less than a year. Shortly after that he got a brain disease and suddenly passed away. He died with 800,000 Indian Rupees in debt and his Church split into 8. This incident puzzled many WoF followers in India. They started wondering why a man who boasted about living in divine health, death at his will and financial prosperity himself died of a disease and with a huge amount of debt (in Indian currency). But in spite of God expressing His disapproval by removing that man from the earth, his followers and relatives never repented. They are still advancing his legacy which was heresy!  A number of individuals were spiritually destroyed by this ferocious wolf.  He also asked Christians not to pray for a need more than once because “a prayer of faith must be prayed only once” and if you pray for the 2nd time it would invalidate the first prayer.

Allot of Indian parents named their sons as “Kenneth” during Dr. Justin’s time. If there are two boys some of them named as Kenneth and Fenneth (affectionately call them as Kenny and Fenny).

Whatever Kenneth Hagin wrote was translated to my language by Dr. Justin. He used to be in the Assemblies of God first and he tried to “enlighten” them with the teachings of Kenneth Hagin. The Assemblies of God fired him immediately. Later the Assemblies of God introduced a special subject in their Bible college curriculum about how to counter WoF.

A few years later after Dr. Justin’s his death another man called Augustine Gomes or Austin Gomez (I forgot his name) stated reviving the WoF movement in my state. All over my state there were wall posters about his ministry. He was becoming popular and suddenly got killed in a car accident. His body was mutilated beyond damage. Again this incident raised many questions in the minds of many Indian Christians. The WoF influence had started fading in India. They still have a few Bible colleges in India but they are not very popular because they were unable to plant Churches in rural India. The reason is obvious. Their prosperity message and their laws of prosperity failed to work in rural India.

Once the WoF movement conducted a massive crusade in India focusing on Divine healing.   Some secular news magazine reporters also attended the meeting to see what was really going on.   The WoF Bible college students used to stand in various places in the crowd and encouraged the sick people to go to the stage and testify about their healings.   When the sick people hesitated they were told not to walk by sight or feelings but by facts, revelation knowledge and not common sense.   These innocent people went to the stage and testified that they got healed while they were still sick.   The secular reporters later interviewed the people who gave their testimony on the platform and found out that they were still sick.   This news got published in a widely read magazine in my language and the name of the Lord was blasphemed.  Our fellow Indians used this to ridicule this as an “imported faith”, mocking and saying yeh right, the blind hear and the deaf see? What a shame! Many people are skeptical about genuine Christianity, healings and miracles because of the activities of these WoF perverts. If someone testifies that he/she has been healed of disease now a days people start wondering if they have been acutally healed or just making a positive confession (speaking things to existence) – thanks to WoF.

WoF activities in my home town:

Acts 4:20 – We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.

One young man near my native place went to a WoF Bible College in my state capital (known as Apostolic Faith Tabernacle). He came back and started a Church in my native place. He also lived in the same street and from our house we could see his entire house.

He started aggressively promoting the WoF teachings. If someone says to him that they were sick he would immediately yell back – oh no! don’t say that! You will get what you say. He targeted one Doctor in the town who is a distant relative of mine. He gave that Doctor’s family “a package deal” which he presented as the “full” Gospel. They all confessed Jesus as their Lord according to Romans 10:9 and got “saved” (without any repentance). Then the WoF Pastor introduced them the Prosperity message as part of the “full” Gospel and promised 100 fold return. Then that Doctor gave him a piece of land to him. The Doctor in spite of getting “saved” according to Romans 10:9 went from smoking to drugs. His marriage broke. This is what the WoF pastors do in India. They target either nominal Christians or members of other Christian denominations who are Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Government officials, college professors and wealthy business people. In other words they find out potential donors who can support their “ministry” and offer them the package deal. They don’t go rural side or to poor people because they don’t have enough money and resources. Their prosperity magic does not work with poor people. After deceiving rich people they cling to them for everything. Rich people are usually appointed as elders in the Church and given important responsibilities. They don’t even bother if their rich supporters are genuinely repented and had a life changing experience! As long as they donate money these WoF preachers are happy with them. Doesn’t it remind about wolves. Wolves use the sheep as a food source (or resource). If a death or some important even happens in a poor believer’s home these WoF pastors won’t visit them but delegate their junior pastors or associates to visit them. If a death or any other important event happens in a rich person’s house the WoF preachers give them top priority. Even during normal days they visit the rich people often, let their wives to befriend their wives and let their children play with their children. The poor people are given only a few minutes of the Pastor’s time!!! This is how the WoF movement “plants” churches in India. Someone might say oh, these kind of incidents are isolated and not widespread and it is too much of a generalization to give these examples etc etc. But the truth it is wide spread and it had become norm in India’s WoF circles. These are not isolated incidents. That is the reason most of the Indian WoF Churches exist only in big cities where they can find rich people to support their ministries which are in many situations family enterprises or personal kingdoms.

II Corinthians 6:10

sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything. Paul said he made many people rich!!!

Why can’t these WoF preaches make poor people rich as Paul did?

A friend of mine called Ravi who converted from Hinduism got fascinated by the above mentioned WoF preacher and went to his Church. One day he started telling me and other friends that he had gotten a job in “Hindustan Motors” with a salary of 4000 Indian Rupees. Hindustan Motors is a prestigious Government of India enterprise. We all believed him and praised God for that. Later we discovered that he actually did not get that job as he claimed. He was speaking things into existence!!! From that WoF church he learned how to write your own ticket with God. His parents were still Hindus at that time. I lost contact with him.

Another friend of mine who lived in the same street started going to this WoF church. He claimed that he had bought a “Maruti car” which was very popular in that India at that time. He even gave his testimony in that Church that he had bought that car. In those days (20 years ago) only rich people can afford to buy cars. When he gave his “car testimony” all belivers in that church shouted “Hallelujah” and praised the Lord. Finally it became obvious that he did not actually buy a car and it was only a positive confession! A few years later that WoF pastor got married and his wife started speaking in English to the believers in English who do not understand English. Some of them got offended and left that Church. Later the WoF pastor closed that Church and moved to the state capital.

Another common thing that happens in Indian WoF circles if a woman in the Church becomes pregnant they would confess with their mouths that they would deliver a boy child. In India a girl child is a liability to the parents because of the culture and dowry system. The pregnant women and the husband would tell all their friend including Hindu friends that they would get a baby boy. Sometimes it happens and everyone is happy about it and give glory to God. But on some occasions they deliver a girl and everyone starts laughing at them. These kind of incidents are discussed by Hindus gleefully. They laugh at all Christians because of this. Even some local news outlets even publish these kind of stories and Christianity has becomes a laughing stock because of WoF. Christians who live in India are vastly out numbered by Hindus and surrounded by them everywhere. This kind of confess it possess it non-sense does not bring glory to the name of Jesus and the name of Jesus is ridiculed instead. But the WoF leaders take no responsibility about the things that don’t come to pass after positive confessions and they respond with their usual reply “Oh you did not have enough faith”, “Your faith was mind faith and you have to believe in your heart for miracles”!

I am still longing to see an Indian WoF preacher flying in his own private jet plane.   For more than 20 years they keep blabbing with their mouths.   But are still unable to get even a helicopter!!!    They need to learn the difference between capitalism and socialism and using common sense.    If the prosperity “gospel” works (or appears to work) for Western preachers, why doesn’t it yield the same results for their third world counter-parts?  Do we serve a God who shows partiality?

My friends if you are a word of faith believer please come out of the deception.

Kenneth Hagin Sr. was a deceived individual.  He led many astray.  You don’t have to write own ticket with God!  God had already written a ticket for your when you were predestined by Him.God loves you and therefore He wants to set you free from the heresy of WoF.



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