Posted by: Damon Whitsell | February 13, 2021

Christian Post Reports Apostle Fred Price “Ravaged” By Covid, Kenneth Copeland Claims Virus CANNOT KILL “Man of Faith and Power”

Kenneth Copeland is “standing strong for Apostle Frederick Price”

The Christian Post reports that Apostle Fred Price is very sick from Covid 19. Saying that his “heart, lungs and kidneys” have been “ravaged” by the virus. Minister Baltimore Scott, the staff administrator of Crenshaw Christian Center, posted on Facebook on Feb.7th saying

“Today, I am calling on all members and friends of Crenshaw Christian Center New York and on everyone everywhere who has been touched by the teaching of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price to join in a worldwide prayer for the Apostle as he faces the health challenges posed by COVID-19. Specifically, we need to pray for the complete restoration of Apostle’s lungs, heart and kidneys and any other parts of his body that are now under attack as he remains in the hospital.”

Prices son Pastor Fred Price Jr., who is now senior leader of the church, revealed more than a month ago, that both of his parents had contracted the coronavirus. Despite Prices current dire condition, as of 02/10/21, in a facebook post on Jan 4th the “Apostles” son was apparently convinced his father would completely recover from Covid, even proclaiming that Covid would be “just another notch” in the “Apostles” belt.

But now Price Junior, seeming no longer so confident, says that the whole situation has been “taxing” on him causing him to not want to be active on Social Media.

Then on 02/11/21 Christian Post reported that Kenneth Copeland posted on Feb 10th, via Face book, saying…

“For almost 50 years, Fred and Betty Price have been wonderful friends of our family. We have laughed together, cried together, and preached together. We’ve stayed in each other’s homes and have watched each other’s children grow up! We have truly lived life together.”

“The first time I heard Fred Price in person was in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He ran onto the platform and shouted, “I am ready Freddy!”. What a man of God! What a man of faith and power! I don’t believe this disease can kill him. We as a family, and ministry, are standing strong for Apostle Frederick Price!”

I am not wishing ill-will towards Mr. Price but he is now 89 years old and Covid is most deadly to the very elderly. I guess time will tell if being a “man of faith and power” and being a long time preacher of the Health and Wealth Gospel will help Price to be healed and recover from the damage to his body done by the Covid Virus.

Despite Price’s, Copeland’s and the Word of Faith Movement’s long held belief and assertion that healing is in the atonement, and that if you have enough faith you can always be healed, this great article from shows healing is not always a guarantee, even if you’re a “man of God” with “faith and power”.


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