Posted by: John Edwards | December 10, 2008

The Word of Faith Movement: Picking and Choosing


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Word of Faithers are notorious for picking and choosing which scriptures that they want to stand on. Calvinist are too. I once heard Charles Capps say that you can tell what a person thinks about God by the Bible verses that they have underlined and high lighted. That is true!

If you look at a WOFER’s Bible, he or she will have all of the power scriptures underlined. When I was a WOFER, I had highlighted all of the scriptures that mentioned health, prosperity and faith. I would read them out loud as a confession every morning. It was a great way to do my confessions and to memorize scriptures at the same time. I have most all of those scriptures memorized. It didn’t matter what the context was, if it was a WOFER scripture I claimed it!

When I began to study and teach from a Calvinistic perspective, I found a lot of scriptures in my Bible that were not underlined. Bunches of them.

Loads of them. Many of them were scriptures that had always made me uncomfortable. Suffering scriptures, humility scriptures, poverty scriptures, election scriptures, predestination scriptures, dying to ones self scriptures, pride scriptures, forsaking all scriptures. I could go on and on and on. I never much liked these, and I rarely taught about them. That is because the Word of Faith Message is so focused on the blessings and how to appropriate them. If you listen to any faith preacher, about 95% of everything that he preaches will be on Word of Faith stuff. Health, faith and wealth.

It had always been easy to me to teach faith and confession, healing and prosperity. I didn’t even have to study or use notes. I got to where I never used notes and I could usually quote the text. Then when I started teaching the FULL Word, I was tied to my notes! I would have spend a lot of time looking up all the scriptures that I never knew or used. I was preaching a lop sided message like most Word of Faith teachers do. I still have to hunt the new ones.

Word of Faith people are like new bodybuilders. I used to lift weights a lot myself. The first thing that a new bodybuilder gets fired up about is working his arms and chest. Working the abs, legs and back are not that exciting.

When I was in the Marines, I had a friend that always worked his upper body. He never did squats or anything for his legs. After a few years, he looked like Arnold from the waist up, and Barney Fife from the waist down.

Everyone made fun of him. (Behind his back)

I wished that I had spent just as much time studying and teaching the scriptures that I avoided as a Word of Faither. I would have had a better perspective on God, and a better walk with God.

So, don’t pick and choose scriptures. All of God’s Word is good for ya. Here is a great resource full of 150 scriptures that WOFERS hate:



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