Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 30, 2018

Parishioner Audrey Stevenson physically assaulted while being “Disciplined” at TD Jakes’ Potter House

PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! I am subscribed to this Youtube Channel for the political commentary. But when I seen the channel owner had posted this video and it looked like it was an inside scoop type situation into the types of abuses that happen at almost all Word of Faith churches, I knew I had to share this story here at this site to help get the word out of this ladies story. While I am currently pretty inattentive with the WoF exposure part of my ministry here at this site, I just had to use this platform to help this lady out and to once again shine a light on the WoF Movement and once again tell THE WORD on the Word of Faith. Please share this post and this site to help get THE WORD out.

UPDATE: I was sent a link to this video where Audrey Stevenson tells her story after the fact. Here is her commentary about the indecent.

UPDATE 2: TD Jakes and Potters House issues and CYA apology. Guess what, some people are attacking Audrey and are telling her she is demon possessed. That is typical WoF abuse. This is so so outrageous. I am sure someone will be telling her she has fortified her salvation by “touching The Lords anointed”. I think she will end up with a big check because she was severely abused both physically and spiritually.

UPDATE 3: This is a commentary video by Letisha Brown, who hosted Audrey’s commentary video above on her channel.

UPDATE 4: This video was put out Miss Brown yesterday. It is from Audrey before the violent incident at Potters House where she tells her story and testimony. This is some good stuff right here. I hope those at Potter House do not put out the fire for God in this young Christian’s heart. Please pray for Audrey.



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