THE WORD on the Word of faith

HELLO, my name is Damon Whitsell, myself and ex-Word of Faith Pastor John Edwards started this GROUP BLOG and GROUP MINISTRY in February of 2009. This GROUP MINISTRY’S primary aim is to help people BREAK FREE from the Word of Faith Movement and it’s false, decieving and illusive teachings on prosperity, the nature of man and God, and the Word of Faith Movements obscure, subversive and cultic control and manipulation tactics.

We fully advocate a return to a Christ centered Christianity. And we fully reject the Word of Faith Movement’s entirely new spiritual paradigm shift that has resulted in Christian class-ism and caused countless rifts and chasms among the people of God. And quite frankly, the Movement has turned many people to a neutered and Christ-less Christianity which is a different Gospel, proclaims another Jesus and comes from another Spirit. We seek the conciliation or reconciliation of as many people as possible to the real Jesus and Gospel of the historical Protestant Reformation and mainline Christianity.

To do this we feature ex-Word of Faith testimonies (in a variety of formats) of those who have BROKEN FREE from the grips of this seductive movement. We are searching the internet for as many text, audio and video ex-Word of Faith testimonies we can find to feature here. AND we provide anyone who has left this heretical movement or has strong feelings against the movement, and would like to join us in speaking out against it,,, an opportunity to do so without making your own blogs, websites or video channels. SO PLEASE HELP US help others by speaking up and telling your story. But if you already have your own ministry speaking out against this movement,, we seek to collaborate with you and join our collective voices to make sure we are all heard and reach as many people as possible

We have already found and collaborated on some levels with dozens of sites devoted to exposing the WoF. And we seek to collect the most comprehensive blogroll (link list) and resource list on this subject. SO PLEASE HELP US help others by speaking up and telling your story, or referring us to your favorite WoF exposure ministries, videos, songs, sites or testimonies so that we can make them available to others. You can share your written, audio or video testimonies on the testimony page.

We also seek to help others find the recovery resources they need. We will be featuring the best cult/religious abuse recovery sites.

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