Posted by: John Edwards | December 13, 2008

The Word-Faith


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One of the first theologians that I met after leaving the Word of Faith Movement is an apologist named Clete Hux. What a name. Someone had slid his magazine under my office door and I started flipping through it. Clete is a part of one of the largest apologetics ministries in the world and his office just happens to be here in the Birmingham area. I sent him a link to my blog and the next thing I know we are sitting in a room chatting.

Clete kept using the term “Word-Faith”, and I had never heard that one before. It is the Word of Faith, not Word-Faith I told him, but he kept using that term which irritated me to no end. Here he is supposed to be a leading authority of cults and false teaching and he cant even get the name right.

Clete took me into a room and showed me some teaching video by Creflo Dollar, and began to point out all the theological errors in his teaching. I already knew the errors because I was an expert myself. I am an expert on the Word of Faith because I taught it for nine years.

Next he gave me several of his publications which I took home for Coni to read. We followed our visit with a couple of more phone calls in which he kept using the term Word-Faith. I finally could take it no more and asked him why he called the Word of Faith “Word-Faith”. He chuckled and explained that it was his way of mocking the fact that they were all about faith in words. Then it clicked with me…..these people were focused on faith in words instead of faith in God, and that it exactly right!

The Word of Faith Message is loaded with teaching about the power of your words. They believe that every word that comes out of your mouth will come to pass just as you say it. Students of the Word of Faith go through an evolution, without even realizing it, of going from having faith in God to having faith in words. The two biggest teachers of this message are Charles Capps and the late Kenneth Hagin. Kenneth Hagin learned his teaching from EW Kenyon, who gathered much of his theology from Mary Baker Eddy and other Christian Scientist. I have read many of Kenyon’s books and his teaching emphasised words.

The Bible has a lot to say about words. I know that words can affect people for good or for bad. I can call my son stupid all his life and he may begin to believe that he is stupid. I can call him a genius for years and he can get to thinking that he is one. I can call someone gorgeous every time I see them, and they may start to believe it. But, words cannot create something from nothing. Words are not entities of themselves. There is no mystical creation power in words.

For many years I thought that my words had their own creative power, and that what I said would happen. This is really witchcraft and Christian Science.

One time I went to visit a lady that was dying of a brain tumor. I went over to get her healed. After a few minutes of heartfelt prayer, I boldly pointed my finger against her temple, and commanded the tumor to leave. I felt great power when I did. I got chill bumps and so did everyone in the room.

She died a few days later. I have had many testimonies like this one. Another time I visited an old man that was going in the hospital for a procedure the next day. I spoke the command of faith to him in Jesus name.

He dropped dead the next day. I remember being at my 14 year old daughter’s bedside when she was in a coma with a brain tumor. I spoke to that tumor in the name of Jesus. I even yelled at it. She died a few minutes later. My words had no power. Not the kind of power that I was taught in Tulsa.

There are so many mixed up people in the Word of Faith Movement that are in fear and bondage to their words. They are full of superstition. They are absolutely convinced that every word that they speak will come to pass. If they would ever just stop and think about it, they would realize that their words do not come to pass.

My ear never fell off even when I would complain about someone talking my ears off! My head has never fell off even after saying that I laughed my head off. I have passed many test saying that I had failed. If everything that I had confessed as a Word of Faith preacher had come to pass, I would be pastoring thousands of people today and raising the dead. I would be wealthy.

I actually feel sorry for many of my Word of Faith friends, that cant even talk normal or be real. They are so afraid that they will curse themselves with their words. It took my pastor showing me several passages in the Bible of Jesus and Paul making bad confessions to help me out of this bondage.

So, Clete is right, it is the Word-Faith religion, a religion that worships words and has faith in words. If you don’t believe me then read the first chapter of Charles Capps book The Tongue, God’s Creative Force, or Kenneth Hagin’s book “Words”.

You can also google affirmations and find the same line of teaching in the New Age circles. Its just another message that teaches man that he is in control and not God.



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