Posted by: John Edwards | July 27, 2008

What I Do Believe

I know from almost ten years of public speaking that people hear what they want to hear no matter what is actually said. The same goes for the printed word. In light of my recent blogs which hundreds of people all over the world read I would like to clear some air and let folks know what I do believe. So here are some things that I do believe:
I believe in the Almighty God and that He is omnipotent and Sovereign.
I believe in the Holy Trinity, The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost and these three are one.
I believe in the Deity and Lordship of Jesus Christ and that he lived a sinless life and died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day.
I believe that man is in a totally fallen state and must be saved by the power of God.
I believe that man is saved when he puts his faith in the finished works of Calvary and give Jesus total lordship of his life.
I believe in once saved always saved. That salvation is a free gift that cannot be earned nor kept by good works.
I believe in a literal Heaven, the abode of God, and a literal Hell.
I believe that the Bible is the Absolute Word of God and the final authority in all matters of faith and doctrine and the the Word of God is to be exalted above all experiences.
I believe that God still heals sick people. I pray for the sick and anoint them with oil.
I believe that God will meet our needs and give us the desires of our hearts.
I believe that God has a plan and a purpose and works all things according to His will.
I believe that God is bigger, smarter, wiser and more just than I am.
I believe that God can do anything that He chooses.
I believe that God can do and still does miracles, even though I have never seen one.
I believe that Jesus is coming back to get us.
I believe that churches have gotten way off track.
I believe in feeding the poor and visiting the sick and afflicted.
I believe in the New Birth and in growing into the image of Christ.
OK, now here are some things that I have witnessed and observed which have prompted me to study and take a closer look at things:
I believe that the Word of Faith Movement, as proclaimed by the premier Word of Faith teachers, is a very subtle and twisted message that is deceptive, dangerous, and cultic. I believe that it is Charismatic Humanism, a mix of scriptures taken out of context and settings and mixed with New Age thinking, and preached and taught by men that have great claims of Divine Revelation.
I believe that the Word of Faith Movement was founded by a man that claimed face to face meetings with Jesus Christ.
I believe the Mormons were founded by Joseph Smith, a man that claimed face to face meetings with Jesus Christ. Both used passages in the Bible to support their claims.
I believe the Word of Faith Movement has turned well meaning believer’s into people that trust more in their confession of words than in the Providence of God.
I believe in the move and the power and the operations of the Holy Ghost.
I also believe that a big percentage of what I have seen and experienced in the charismatic church was either flesh or familiar spirits.
I believe that there are many fabrications in the Charismatic Movement such as false miracles, frauds, charlatans, mind control, power of suggestion and peer pressure.
I believe that God has opened my eyes to a world of deception.
I believe that many people I know place more respect and credibility on experiences than they do on the plain Word of God.
I believe that charismatics have built an entire religion based on a few scriptures in 1st Corinthians that cannot be found anywhere else with clarity in the New Testament.
I believe the charismatic experience is more experienced based than Word based and that people are more into what they can feel than what the facts of the Word are.
I believe in putting the written Word of God ahead of any manifestation or experience no matter how powerful and real that experience was.
I believe that tongues and gifts of the Spirit have been placed ahead of love and character in the church.
I believe that we have made the doctrine of tongues and gifts far more important than the Bible does.
I believe I am tired of writing. have a great day!


  1. Thanks for all of the support and kind words! It means a lot! God bless, John

  2. I believe and agree with what you have said.

    I also believe that the majority of the WOF are following the words of man instead of the words of GOD.

    I believe that it is easier to believe what the word of man (WOF) is saying instead of the word of GOD.

    I believe the reason for such blind belief is because a person is hearing what they want to hear. Not what GOD is telling them through his word.

    I believe that the truth class you are starting will help a lot of folks to use their brain. GOD gave you a brain so use it, don’t be led by your nose. Think, question, ask does this sound right.

    I believe that if something doesn’t sound right,or you have a question about it. Look in the scriptures and see if you can find anything in GOD’s word that can substantiate what you have heard. If you or your Pastor can’t find any way to substantiate it then I would discard the idea.

    I believe that people take the word of GOD out of context to use in any way that they wish. Read the verses before and after the verse that you are looking for. See who the writer is talking to and the circumstances he is talking about. That way you can find the true meaning of what is being said. Do not cherry pick articles. Read the full text.

    I believe that our church is now heading in the right direction. Teaching the word of GOD, not the word according to K. Hagin.

    I also believe that I get carried away when I start writing. LOL 🙂

  3. I believe that you know who you are, where you are going, whose you are and the awesome God you serve in spite of how you have been hurt and manipulated. I pray earnestly for the multitudes of others that they might, with the love and compassion of God find that place also.

  4. Hey, This is a really great post! I have just left a WOF church after 11 years. Your blog has been a blessing to me. Keep up the great work!

  5. I believe I would like to say… Amen! I think you made a lot of great points that I agree with 100%. Isn’t it so true that we take some things that are not “essential doctrines” and make into the very foundation of our spiritual life, i.e. the gifts of the spirit and their manifestations, and worship styles… the list could go on. My prayer is that the Body of Christ would do and be what we have been called to, that is to be unified and doing everything for His glory. I am so thankful that God has opened your eyes. I have to say that my heart is still burdened for you… simply because I know how hard things are and how hard they are going to be. I pray even now that God will open the eyes of those you minister to and help them to see the truth. Let me know anyway I can help and lets keep getting together. Much Love.

    Eric Egger

  6. Thanks for clarifying, you just saved me from making a much longer comment. I personally don’t want to take anybody’s word for anything anymore regarding doctrines or teachings, whether it’s Dr. Distinguished with his many degrees or Bro. Kooky Charismatic. We should all insist on knowing the truth for ourselves. I also don’t want my departure from the Word of Faith to just be a matter of switching teams and swapping jerseys. Through this, my eyes have been opened to serious problems of morality, ethics, and misplaced priories in churches of all denominations. For that reason I can’t quite get excited about how free I am when the problems in the church at large are so great.

    I would say that praying in tongues is not an all propose cure for everything, but it was an element of God showing us what was wrong at our old church. We spent some very earnest time praying about the absence of love at our church, which included a lot of praying in tongues. God came through in a series of services in which he showed us he had heard our prayers…and we began to see that the problem was behind the pulpit.

  7. Great blog…finally someone has written everything i have been wanting to say about WOF since my dear sister became brainwashed in this cult 30 yrs ago. they managed to keep a beautiful, sincere, kind, loving christian in bondage to pain and physical suffering, as she waited for her faith confessions to come true…even after her recent heart attack, triple bypass and double valve repair, stroke, 8 wks in cicu in a coma, 3 weeks in hospital and month stay in rehab center, she proclaims that she is a MIRACLE and completely healed (from her wheel chair, mind you)…Silly, blind allegiance to this distortion of truth…certainly has Big Luci’s signature all over it, to me! But in true wof fashion, i am a lesser christian,(actually, i think my salvaton is often in question with her)


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