Posted by: John Edwards | July 29, 2008

The Trust Factor

Thank you for all the great comments and emails! I am glad that this blog is helping so many people. Please spread the word.
Today I want to blog about the “The Trust Factor”. Over the last fourteen years, everything that I learned about faith, healing and the Word of God has come from men that I no longer trust. After much reading, research and study, I have found that most of the Word of Faith/Charismatic ministers that I have followed with my whole heart are wrapped in fraud, greed, lies and deception. I have interpreted the Word of God in light of their teachings and experiences. I trusted them. I believed them. These ministers have claimed personal visitations from God and Jesus. They have told of trips to Heaven and meeting with angels. Careful research and study has revealed numerous scriptural and historical discrepancies. I have read several books and spent hours on the Internet investigating their character and doctrines. I have found a world of fraud, mind control, fakery, immoral conduct, plagiarism and false claims. I no longer trust anything Charismatic or Word of Faith as taught by these men that I have trusted and admired for years.
I have returned to our Fathers. Our Church Fathers were men of high moral character and much study. They were men of God that bore fruit that has remained through the ages. I am talking about great preachers and theologians such as John Calvin, Moody, Charles Spurgeon, Arthur Pink .These were very learned men. They were passionate for God. I am reading after these men. They were not “charismatics”. They were not charlatans. I trust them. They were brilliant. They were sound in their teachings. I am also reading after today’s brilliant minds of men such as John MacArthur and John Piper. I am seeing God in a whole new light! God has me on such an awesome journey. God is awesome again! I’m seeing new things everyday. Thank God for the courage He gave me to read the “other side” of things. The Truth has set me free! I am not afraid to unlearn false doctrines and relearn the truth.


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