Posted by: John Edwards | July 17, 2008

Don’t Be Afraid

Do not let fear of the truth keep you from seeking the truth. When I was a Word of Faith pastor I would often get on the Internet to do research. I often times ran across web sites that were very critical of the Word of Faith Movement and its teachers. So I would avoid reading them. Some times I couldn’t resist and read them anyhow. It would always put my stomach in knots. I had been warned many times by other Word of Faith ministers not to read after certain authors or to listen to certain ministers on the radio or television. I in turn warned my congregation to stay away from certain web sites and ministers. “They are filled with doubt and unbelief” I would say. One of the sure signs of a cult is control over what you can read and listen to. That is what Adolph Hitler did. He restricted what could be read and talked about. It also happens in China.
What is it that “they” don’t want you to know? What are people afraid of finding out?
As a Christian you should be rock solid in your faith. As a believer you should study, study and study some more. Never believe something just because the preacher said it. Especially when he claims to have had visions.
FACT: Most of the prominent Word of Faith ministers on television and radio are unlearned and self taught. Would you let a man do surgery on your child that had not been to medical school? Would you let a pilot fly you in an airplane that had not been to flight school? Of course not, but we freely drink in any teaching that we hear on television from these Word of Faith ministers that have no formal training. There is absolutely nothing wrong with attending seminary. There is nothing wrong with getting a Bible education from learned men that have devoted their lives to the study of God’s Word.
My advice to all Christians, and especially to those involved in the Word of Faith Movement, is to get on your computer and do your research. Go to YouTube and type in any prominent Word of Faith teacher and watch the videos. Look at the other side of things. Don’t be afraid of being wrong about some things. Don’t be deceived into thinking that you know all of the truth about anything. Study. Read after both sides of the issues. Look for the truth. Do not let fear stop you. Do not be afraid of change.
There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. The truth is the truth.
Type in Word of Faith in your browser and look at all the hundreds of web sites that oppose the Word of Faith Movement.
Isint it funny that the Word of Faith Movement is listed on every cult watch group list in the world? Wake up people! You have nothing to lose but some erroneous doctrines that don’t work anyway.
It is freeing! It will be the best things that you have ever done in your life aside from knowing Jesus.
Paul said to study so that you wouldn’t be ASHAMED! I’m ashamed at myself for not listening to all the warnings godly people gave me before I became involved in the Word of Faith.


  1. Since your blog was brought to my attention I read every opportunity I get. I stand amazed how our Lord works. He is taking all that you learned about WOF and using it to open the eyes and hearts of others. I admire and applaud yourself and your wife for having the courage to share what the Lord has revealed to you. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless your family, your testimony and your ministry.

    Standing Amazed in His Presence,
    Myra Armstrong

  2. When I read up on some of the characteristics of a cult, I was surprized at how many were at my own church. I had no idea.


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