Posted by: John Edwards | July 18, 2008

Charismatic Chaos

The Mormon Church believes in continuous revelation from God. They use the King James Bible. They also write down revelations and teachings from their church leaders that speak as prophets. They consider the Word of Wisdom and The Word of Knowledge and Prophecy to be on the same level as the Word of God. In fact in many cases they esteem the latest revelation above the written Word of God.
So do many charismatics. They believe the Word of God and most anything they hear out of the mouth of an anointed minister. A charismatic will go to a “meeting” and have his “mail read” and take that as a word from God which is really no different than what the Mormons do.
As a charismatic Word of Faith pastor I have seen and heard it all. I know many people that hear the voice of God, that have regular visions and “words from the Lord”. I get prophesied to all the time. If these words are from Heaven then are they the Word of God too?
I wish that I had a dollar for every time a charismatic church member or preacher told me: “God said”. Oh really? So God Almighty in Heaven is talking to you about poor old Pastor John in Clay, Alabama! WOW! I must really be a world player to get a personal messenger from Heaven. Did they really hear from God, or am I getting their opinion? I think what I get is their opinion. They just say it is from God.
One thing that I have noticed about a lot of the more charismatic people that I have known is that they are loonies. Hokey. Unstable. Gullible. Flighty. Goofy. Kooky. I say this in love because just about every one of my friends are charismatic and I myself have been duped for fourteen years.
I have had charismatic ministers lay hands on my head and try to push me back for years. I cannot find one single scripture in the Bible that says that when hands are laid on me that I will fall out. Not one single one. See, its extra revelation. Much of what charismatics get excited about is not biblical nor scriptural. Charismatic preachers love to teach their own revelations as if they are God’s Word for the world.
Listen to Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley. A great deal of their teaching is extra revelation. It’s not the Bible. Its “God told me”. Yep. Right. Lets run with that.
People have emailed me and told me not to throw the baby out with the bath water. But I cant find the baby in all this hyped up man made dirty water that I have been swimming in for the last fourteen years.
Its amazing how much faith Christians put into what comes out of the mouth of a man and in what they feel. Do they not know that there are familiar spirits out there deceiving people every day? Familiar spirits can read your mail and give you goosebumps. They know everything about you and love to pass it on to anyone open to them.
Martin Luther believed in “Sola Scripture”. In Clay, Alabama that means, “Just the Word of God”. That’s all we need folks and that is all that we can truly trust to be real and true.
I know so many people that base their lives and decisions on some “word” they received from some hokey preacher. My God the mistakes they make based on extra revelation. I know many Christian women that leave their marriage vows because they got a “Word”. That is B.S., to put it nicely!
The trouble with many charismatics is that they will not do the Word of God. Many of them do not put the Word of God first. They put their feelings and experiences first. I’m telling you that the devil will gladly accommodate you with plenty of feelings and experiences. That is what you get when you go outside the written Word of God. You get out into the unknown. You get deceived.
I believe the Bible. If God cant speak to me personally through my heart and through His Word then I don’t want it. I will never, ever receive a “word” from a man again. That is extra revelation. That is adding to the Bible. The Word of God is enough. All else is shaky ground. Once you get into charismatic meetings you never know what is real no matter how it feels. I have been to some wild, wild Holy Ghost meetings and have seen just about every thing you can imagine. I don’t want that any more. I want Jesus. I want the Word of God. I only want what is absolutely real. Just the Word, baby!


  1. Hey! Just confess that you’ll get a raise and the house will be full. Who cares, dude. Speak what is on your heart, and keep your heart right through all of this change, and don’t get cocky. You’ll be fine.

    One thing I wish that we had was a forum with some big dog WOFers that can provide some type of come back or rebuttle from the Bible on your posts. Today’s was very compelling – very good points / observations. Why did I never see the similarities that you pointed out between the Mormons and WOFers? Crazy man, crazy.

  2. Well Said !!!

  3. I started to write a long comment. Then as I wrote, I got to thinking that all I am doing is repeating what you had just written. So instead of being wordy I will just add


  4. I’ve always been taught that if you receive a word of knowledge from another person / minister and it CONFIRMS something that the Holy Spirit has already spoken to you or shown you, then that’s fine, but something new that you don’t know about coming from another person should not be digested as truth hook line and sinker. God’s primary way of leading his people is not through the gifts of the Spirit, but through His Word and the inner witness in your own spirit. We see that in the book of Acts. So, good points on this on, P.J.! I agree with you – I have taught too long and too hard and invested too much time into this WOF message to see too little results. I got more results effecting people’s lives when I just got born again and didn’t know rip except Jesus saves you from your sins!

  5. Preach On!!!!!!
    I think that when God wants to give you a “word” He can handle it Himself! Get in The Word of God and not the word of man. You will receive exactly what you need when you need it! Be ready when you feel that tug on your heart and obey that- because that is a “word” from God

    Thanks As Always for What You Do!


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