Posted by: John Edwards | May 2, 2008

Something Fun

Do you ever listen to the Bible on tape or CD? I picked up something new at Lifeway in Trussville that is pretty cool! It’s called “The Word of Promise” audio bible. What makes it so awesome is that it is narrated by real Hollywood actors. The dude that played Jesus in the Passion does all the Jesus parts. The audio is filled with really cool sound effects as well as dramatic music. The verses are dramatized instead of just read as on most audio bibles. The sound effects are so good that when the demons were talking it really freaked my youngest son out. He ran out of the room! It is very entertaining and relaxing. I feel asleep after a couple of chapters. It really makes the Word come alive. You can pick it up for about forty dollars at Lifeway or Family bookstores. It’s probably at Walmart too. It comes in a red box.


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