Posted by: John Edwards | May 6, 2008


All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was to be a Marine. My Dad had been in the Navy, and had landed the Marines on the beach in Korea and had great admiration for them. It was the only branch of the military he would endorse. Everyone all ways told me that I would be crazy for joining the Marines because “they brain-wash you!”. My Mom was afraid that I would be brainwashed too. Everyone I knew that left for Parris Island came back like robots.
Not one for going along with the opinions of others, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I spent my first few months in a Hell Hole called Parris Island. I was brainwashed day and night by my Drill Instructors. Staff Sergeant Wilson, SSGT Lay and Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Lumpkin. See, even though I am now 45 years old I can remember everything they said and did. They brainwashed me for over three months. First they took all my civilian clothing and shaved my hair off. They gave me a new name too……”Maggot”. They gave me a rifle called my weapon. Day and night, night and day I was preached to about how glorious and invincible the Marine Corps was and is, that they have never been defeated, that they were the Worlds Greatest Fighting Machine and that if passed the test to earn the title of U. S. Marine, that I would be an invincible, superior warrior!
We did things called confessions. We chanted. We sang. We recited orders and traditions and sayings about the Marines. Every night at bed time we would yell in unison: “Ready to fight, ready to kill, ready to die but never will!”. We had hundreds of similar sayings that we confessed, sang and screamed every day and every night.
It worked. They erased all sense of being an average citizen out of my mind. They stripped me of thinking as an individual. They changed my whole view of the world and had me believing that as a Marine that I was the cat’s meow. I came home like a robot. Full of self pride and ready to kick butt and take names.
Later in life I applied some of these same principles to my walk with God. I learned how to brainwash my thinking and self image with the Word of God. It changed my life, my way of believing, and sometimes even my way of acting! Joshua 1:8 Romans 10:17
I started by highlighting a few dozen powerful scriptures in my Bible. Then I began a custom of reading these high lighted scriptures out loud in my prayer time. Every day. It works the same way it worked in the Marine Corps. It brainwashed me. It renewed my mind. Now I know what God has to say about it. No preacher of devil or theologian can ever uproot the promises of God from me! You should try it!


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