Posted by: John Edwards | June 29, 2009

Word of Faith Recovery


I have been in the recovery mode for eight months now. I think I am starting to heal in some areas but I’m still hurting in others. Different people recover in different ways and lengths of time. Some people bounce right back with a smile on their face while others stay in ICU for weeks. I think my wife is healing more slowly than I am, but that is normal for most women.
I do wonder why God allowed me to stray so far off into deception. I cannot say that my decisions were based on a hunger for God, but rather a lust for having things my way and to always be in control. The Word of Faith offered me command of my life and future. So instead of being excited about Jesus, I slowly veered off into a religion that worships faith, money and power. It is the greatest seduction going on in the Body of Christ today.

Maybe God allowed me to spend 14 years in a spiritual black hole for a reason. Maybe it was so that I could relate to other people that have been crippled and abused in the Word of Faith church system. I do get dozens of emails from people all over the world that need help, healing and theological grounding. I have heard about a large church in Tulsa that has started a Word of Faith recovery group that is drawing in a lot of people. I think that that is an awesome thing. I wish that there had been a Word of Faith recovery group in the Birmingham area. I know that several hundred Christians have left Word of Faith churches in Birmingham in the last two years, and many of them will not attend church. If there is anyone out there that has escaped the Word of Faith, and needs some one to talk to, let me know. maybe we need a group here.



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