Posted by: Damon Whitsell | July 6, 2014

Tony Palmer and Pope Francis Believe Protestants are Spiritual Racist

I guess I am a spiritual racist. I am almost finished watching the video and my heart is sick, very sick.

To see Palmer falsely claim that the protestant protest is over and we are all now Catholic was bad. But for him to claim we are in the “post-protestant era” and we are spiritual racist if we don’t believe so,, is too much. So many people will be emotionally manipulated by this.

I have been following this. The RCC was supposed to have signed an agreement with the Lutherans saying the RCC now believes in justification by faith alone but Palmer won’t tell you that right after that the RCC issued a “clarification paper” saying that the RCC and the small liberal Lutheran group that they signed the agreement with are still “divergent” in their views of justification. They in effect recanted on their so called recantation on their doctrine of Justification. Also the RCC has not renounced the 33 ANATHEMAS contained in the Council of Trent documents concerning those who believe in justification by faith alone, ie. Protestants. Also another point of deception is that this is being framed as “Luther’s protest”. But in reality there where tens of tens of thousands that protested against Rome and split with her, many of them where killed for doing so. Also the protest was not just about justification, Luthers Thesis that he nailed on the Wittenburg door contained 95 points that Luther and the others stood against.

And all the bad talk about doctrine also makes me sick. The RCC has not given up it’s distinctive doctrines but it will demand that everyone else will do so.


Come Quickly Lord Jesus.



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