Posted by: Damon Whitsell | June 27, 2014

Kenneth Copeland takes an ecumenical trip to the Vatican and meets Pope Francis


Right after Joel Osteen met with the Pope at the Vatican Kenneth Copeland is reporting at his site that he just returned from the Vatican and a visit with Pope Francis.  This comes less than two months after the Pope sent a video message to Copeland, and the leaders at his leadership conference, encouraging Charismatics everywhere and Charismatic Catholics to unite. But this was not typical ecumenical message. Liberal Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer (pictured far right) introduced the Popes message by saying that the Protestant protest is over so now we are all Catholics.


Here is the report from Copeland’s site. I will post the full report when it is posted there.

SOURCE: Here’s what he had to say about his meeting with the Pope:

“I am so Blessed!  What Jesus asked the Father for in John 17:21, “that we may all be one in Him”, is finally coming to pass.  Pope Francis is a man filled with the love of Jesus. All eight of us in our meeting together with him were moved by the strong presence of the Holy Spirit, and our love for one another was strengthened beyond measure.  Like I said, I am so BLESSED!  What a time to be a believer!” – Kenneth Copeland

A complete report from Brother Copeland about his visit to the Vatican will be posted soon!



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