Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 1, 2014

Kenneth Copeland, The Pope and Bishop Tony Palmer call for the end of Protestantism saying “the protest is over”

According to Kenneth Copeland, a “historic change” occurred at his most recent leadership conference. The Pope sent a special message to those leaders of the Word of Faith Movement in attendance, Kenneth Copeland and Charismatics everywhere – through an Episcopal Bishop.  This video from the Pope and message of unity is not all that surprising. It’s typical ecumenical talk. But the next video, I found simply amazing – in a bad way. Copeland said those in attendance and the rest of us would “talk about tonight for a long time”. It’s been about a week since I watched the long video and I am still kinda shocked.

Here is the longer version and Bishop Tony Palmer’s introduction to the Popes video message.

Just how did Kenneth Copeland get a message from the Pope delivered to him and his conference. Bishop Palmer, whom personally brought the video message from his personal freind and mentor the Pope, tells us that KCM (Kenneth Copeland Ministries) has sponsored his ecumenical ministry for a long time. Palmer even worked for KCM directly for 3 years. Palmer claims Copeland as one of his three spiritual mentors and his “sole partner” of his outreach ministry to Catholics. The problem is that Palmer is not calling people to come out of the catholic church, rather he is saying that “THE PROTEST IS OVER” and urging everyone that that makes us all Catholics already?

The Bishop claims that the Catholic Church signed an agreement with Lutheran church that ended Luther’s protest. While the agreement on Justification by Faith Alone on the surface seems to be a paradigm changing agreement that would in effect reconcile protestants to Catholicism, there is way more to the Protestant Protest than just the doctrine of justification. And also the Catholic church wrote a written response to their agreement with the Lutherans that also notes the two positions on Justification are still “divergent”: “The “Joint Declaration of the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation on the Doctrine of Justification” represents a significant progress in mutual understanding and in the coming together in dialogue of the parties concerned; it shows that there are many points of convergence between the Catholic position and the Lutheran position on a question that has been for centuries so controversial. It can certainly be affirmed that a high degree of agreement has been reached, as regards both the approach to the question and the judgement it merits (1). It is rightly stated that there is “a consensus in basic truths of the doctrine of justification” (2). The Catholic Church is, however, of the opinion that we cannot yet speak of a consensus such as would eliminate every difference between Catholics and Lutherans in the understanding of justification. The Joint Declaration itself refers to certain of these differences. On some points the positions are, in fact, still divergent.”

And the Catholic church has never repudiated Council of Trent Session Six which list 33 anathemas (let them be damned) to those hold to the Protestant position on Justification. THE PROTEST IS NOT OVER!!! But this is one more small step toward an emerging one world religion.



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