Posted by: Damon Whitsell | February 15, 2014

Examining Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer – Do Your Words Create Reality?

In this episode of Fighting For The Faith, Chris Rosebrough examines 2 sermons from Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. Chris looks at Joel’s sermons entitled “The Power of I Am” that he talked about at Oprah Winfrey’s Life Class. Chris shows that despite Joel’s good ole boy demeanor, he and those who follow the Word of Faith doctrine of positive confession are the epitome of Narcissism and all about me, me, me. And the Joyce Meyers clips show how she answers such questions as “How do we talk to God honestly about our problems without speaking bad things into existence”. This is 42 minutes long but well worth the time to listen to or read.

Here is the transcript if you would rather read the show than listen to it.

Chris Rosebrough, “Alright let’s talk about what we are going to do on today’s edition of Fighting For The Faith. We have got a three pronged approach today with kind of a little fourth thing thrown in there for good measure. What we are going to be doing today is I am going to begin, we are Joel Osteen was on Oprah’s Life Class last night. Now even though I want to play for you audio sound bites from Joel Osteen’s appearance on Oprah’s Life Class last night I have opted to instead circle back and play for you the opening to the sermon that Oprah referenced last week and then tomorrow we will be playing the sound bites with Joel Osteen talking about the importance of dreaming big dreams. You know he and Oprah were talking about the importance of dreaming big dreams as if this has anything to do with biblical Christianity. So we have got a Joel Osteen update today.

We will take a break and then after the break we will come back and we are going to be listening to Joyce Meyer explain to you kind of the thorny topic of how do you discuss negative things in your life without creating negative things in your life with your words. You see one of the things you are going to learn today is that Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen teach the same heresy. It is called the Word of Faith heresy okay and it is the idea that your words create reality. If there is bad results and if there is bad problems happening in your life. You know your dog has run away, your cat has flees, your wife went and got a haircut you don’t like. I mean if these types of things are happening to you and well see you know what is the reason why you are having all these negative results is because well your negative words have created this negative world in your life and so the solution is positive words.

We are going to hear Joel Osteen and Oprah talk about I AM and you are going to hear this and you are going to hear this theology.

And then you are going to have you know in our second portion of the programme the first hour you are going to hear Joyce Meyer answer listener emails to her programme because she believes the same false doctrine that Joel Osteen teaches and explained to the people in her audience you know how do you because if you believe that your words create reality then the question is how do you discuss negative things in your life without well creating negative things? And so we are going to be listening to Joyce Meyer’s almost superstitious advice. The best way I mean seriously you all ever run across somebody who is truly superstitious you know they are throwing salt over shoulders and knocking on wood and you know weird things like that right. Well the Word of Faith heretics they are the same way. They are very superstitious about their words. They don’t want to create a negative reality so you know you have got to come up with strategies for you know finding a way to discuss you know the things in your life aren’t exactly going swell. So how do you verbalise that without creating more unswellness?

[Segment Two – 00:13:54 – 00:38:44]

Chris Rosebrough, “So with that we are going to dive into the programme proper we have got well not too much ground to cover but enough that you might want to put on your protective gear and things like that.

Here is Chip Skylark and My Shiny Teethto help intro us to our Joel Osteen segment. Here we go.

When I’m feeling lonely

Sad as I can be
All by myself on an uncharted island
In an endless sea

What makes me happy
Fills me up with glee
Those bones in my jaw!
That don’t have a flaw

My shiny teeth and me

My shiny teeth that twinkle
Just like the stars in space
My shiny teeth that sparkle
Adding beauty to my face

My shiny teeth that glisten
Just like a christmas tree
You know they walk a mile just to see me smile
My shiny teeth and me
(shiny teeth shiny teeth)

That is our Joel Osteen update music still this makes me happy when I play that song. Anyway so alright so Oprah and Joel Osteen have been just yucking it up on Oprah’s Life Class and last week if you listened to our I AM segment then you heard Pastor Joel Osteen talking about the power of the I AM statements and how Oprah was so excited about these I AM statements that had literally just changed her life. She was experiencing life transformation there on the spot. Well it turns out that earlier in the year Oprah attended Joel Osteen’s church out there Lakewood and when she attended there she heard Joel Osteen preach this sermon entitled The Power of I AM and so what I think would be helpful if you know for today’s edition of Fighting For The Faith as we get into tomorrow. You see tomorrow we are actually going to look at Joel Osteen’s appearance last night on Oprah’s Life Class but I think we need to do just a little bit more foundational work and so we are going to be listening to Joel Osteen the opening to this sermon called The Power of I AM so that you can get a clear and succinct complete with shiny teeth explanation of this I AM doctrine that Joel Osteen preaches. So without any further or due here is Joel Osteen and part of his sermon entitled The Power of I AM.

[Intro music] Discover the champion in you [Crowd applauds]

Joel Osteen, “Well God bless you. It is a joy to come into your homes. We love you. If you are ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you we will make you feel right at home. Thanks so much for tuning in. Thank you again for coming out. I like to start with something funny and I heard about this ninety two year old man. He wasn’t feeling up to par and he went to the doctor for a check up, a few days later the doctor saw him out walking in the park and he had this beautiful young lady by his side. He seemed as happy as can be. The doctor said, “Wow you sure are feeling a lot better aren’t you?” He said, “Yes doctor I am just taking your orders, you said get a hot mamma and be cheerful.” The doctor said, “I didn’t say that. I said you have got a heart murmur. Be careful.” Hold up your Bible say it like you mean it this is my Bible, I am what it says I am, I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do. Today I will be taught the Word of God.”

Chris Rosebrough, “No you won’t. I don’t know why anyone attending Lakewood would actually bring a Bible to Lakewood, they are not going to be taught the Word of God. That is not true. That this whole little creed of his, “This is my Bible,” that is the to create the impression the false impression that what he is going to be doing is actually teaching God’s Word. What he does is he has people hold up their Bibles. Oh well how well this is so great, I am so what a great guy Joel Osteen is he boldly believes in the Bible. If he believed what the Bible taught then he would teach what the Bible teaches. But he doesn’t he teaches something very different. So this is part of the deception. This is to create the impression that Joel Osteen is a bold and unapologetic teacher of the Word of God, when he is anything but.”

Joel Osteen, “I boldly confess my mind is alert, my heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about the power of I AM. What follows these two simple words will determine what kind of life you live. I am blessed. I am strong. I am healthy or I am slow. I am unattractive. I am a terrible mother. The I am’s that are coming out of your mouth will bring either success or failure.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Okay succinctly said now if you haven’t heard last weeks episode of Fighting For The Faith regarding Joel Osteen and The I AM, okay I take time to explain to you biblically, show you from the Bible that the I AM who is mentioned in scripture is God Himself. This is you know when Moses had the burning bush talk to Him, okay it was actually God speaking to Him and during that conversation Moses asked God what his name was and God revealed His name there as I AM. Okay Jesus uses this name for Himself repeatedly much to the consternation and offence of the Pharisees in John 8. I would recommend reading it. Okay but I am not going to rehash all of that theology right now.

We are making a different point and that is that you are Joel Osteen here has basically let off with presenting a problem. Okay so the problem he has presented is this is that are you having negative things happen in your life? Well it is because of the power of I AM. If negative things are happening in your life it is because you are saying things regarding yourselves like yourself like, “I am slow. I am not smart. I am weak. I am miserable. I am whatever.” Okay and so the idea is that those words those statements create the negative results in your life, whereas if you are blessed and doing well then obviously you are saying things to yourself like “I am successful. I am strong. I am more than a conqueror.” Things like that okay.

Now here is the question does the Bible teach that the reason why mankind is suffering and languishing under negative and I see it is talking about this in this way is so trite, suffering with negative consequences in their lives. For instance disease, poverty, death, broken marriages, broken family relationships, skewed friendships, horrible boss situations, we can even talk about things like slavery, adultery, you know murder, and theft and all these things going on. Is the reason why there is all of these problems in life is because there is a whole bunch of people out there who are completely oblivious to the power that their words have and as a result of it they have created these negative situations with their words and so Jesus has come to teach us the importance of saying positive things about ourselves so that we can have radical life transformation positive results and blessings flow to us because we say good things about ourselves. The answer is absolutely not.

God’s Word paints a very different picture of what it is that is wrong with humanity and the reason why there is death. The reason why there is disease. The reason why there is poverty, theft, murder, adultery and all of the horrible things that have happened to us in our lives is a result of our sin and rebellion against God. The wages of sin is death and sin and death well has a way of dolling out its payments, you know not just in one balloon payment. But little down payments along the way with loss of health, you know complete terrible things that happen to us in our lives. Not only that the solution that the scriptures provide us for our sin problem and its consequences is none other than the Son of God Himself. Okay the solution is Jesus Christ born of the virgin Mary and then suffering under Pontus Pilate being crucified, died and buried and then raised again on the third for our sins and for our justification. The call of the gospel – the biblical gospel is for sinners to repent of their sin and for their sins to be forgiven by the shed blood of Christ. That is the solution that scripture presents.

So what Joel Osteen here is preaching is flat out mythology and here is the deal. His programme purports to be Christian. Remember he held up his Bible. He says it says what it says and does what it does it does, you know and all that kind of stuff right. So he is purporting to be a Christian pastor but he is not teaching what the Bible teaches, regarding what humanity’s primary problem is and what the biblical solution is. This is a solution without Jesus Christ. This is you becoming your own Saviour. That is how diabolical this is. So listen some more as Joel Osteen expresses the power of I AM and doesn’t mention the I AM of scripture and that is Jesus, God in human flesh.

Joel Osteen, “All through the day the power of I AM is at work, we make a mistake. I am so clumsy. We look in the mirror.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Notice he didn’t say that the power of I AM is at work that would be the power of Jesus because Jesus is the I AM.

John 8 v 24

Jesus said that, “Unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins.”

He is not talking about Jesus. He is talking about almost like well a magic spell. The power of I am is like well abracadabra because this is the power of abracadabra.”

Joel Osteen, “I am so old. We see somebody very talented. I am so average. We get caught in traffic. I am so unlucky. Many times we use the power of I am against us. We don’t realise how it is affecting our future. Here is the principle. What follows the I am will always come looking for you. When you say, “I am so clumsy.” Clumsiness comes looking for you. I am so old, wrinkles come looking for you. I am so overweight, calories come looking for you. It is just like you are inviting them.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Okay now notice he said this is the principle. The Bible doesn’t teach this. This is not what scripture says at all. This is magic. This is manmade teaching. This is false doctrine. This is a false problem and pseudo false gospel.”

Joel Osteen, “Whatever you follow the I am with, you are handing it an invitation opening the door, giving it permission to be in your life. Now the good news is you get to choose what follows the I am.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Notice he didn’t say the good news is that Christ died on the cross for your sins. When Christians talk about the good news, the gospel that is what the word gospel means. It comes from the Greek word euaggelion εὐαγγέλιον. It means good news. When Christians talk about the good news, the good news is the news that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures and was buried and raised again on the third day in accordance with the scriptures. That is the good news. It is a proclamation of what Christ has done. But you see he says, “Oh no the good news is you get to choose what you fill in the blank after the words ‘I am’ are.”

Joel Osteen, “When you go through the day saying I am blessed, blessings come looking for you. I am talented. Talent comes looking for you. You may not feel up to par, but when you say I am healthy. Health starts heading your way. I am strong. Strength starts tracking you down. You are inviting that into your life. That is why you have to be careful what follows the I am. Don’t ever say I am so unlucky. I never get any good breaks. You are inviting disappointments. I am so broke. I am so in debt. You are inviting struggle, you are inviting lack. You need to send out some new invitations. Get up in the morning and invite good things into your life. I am blessed. I am strong. I am talented. I am disciplined. I am focused. I am prosperous. When you talk like that talent gets summoned by almighty God. Go find that person. Health, strength, abundance, discipline….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Notice what is missing an open Bible. The Bible doesn’t teach this at all. So there is God up in heaven just wanting to help you but you have got to activate His blessings by saying things like I am talented, as soon as you say that then God is up in heaven going, “Oh finally I have been wanting to give that person talent forever and talent go find that person. Did you hear that? Somebody just said they are talented. Go quick, go find that person and bless them with talent.” The Bible doesn’t teach this anywhere.

Joel Osteen, “Health, strength, abundance, discipline is heading your way. But how many people when they wake up in the morning, look in the mirror. The first thing they say I am so old. I am so wrinkled. I am so worn out. You are inviting oldness. You are inviting fatigue.”

Chris Rosebrough, “What a total crock. These are flat out lies. The Bible doesn’t teach this.”

Joel Osteen, “Do us all a favour. Stop inviting that. When you get up in the morning look in the mirror and instead of complaining you should be saying, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am attractive. I am getting younger.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Could there be anything more narcissistic than this? I don’t think that there can be and see the thing is that Joel Osteen comes off as just being the most humble and likeable guy ever. But let me ask you a question okay. Is whether or not somebody is humble based upon the tone of their voice or the content of their words?

Okay for instance okay let’s just say that I said something like let me think okay I have just got rid of it okay. I play disc golf okay so okay I like disc golf so much. It is my favourite summer time and full time activity, winter and spring don’t get to participate in it much. But I so I can say something like now work with me here. So if you were to come to me and say, “Chris you know tell us about disc golf.” I would say, “Oh it is a great game. In fact I am the best disc golf player in the whole world.” You would look at me and go, “Oh well he is kind of full of himself right.” But what if I said it like this. “Yeah this golf is just the best thing ever and you know I am just the best disc golfer in the whole world.It is my favourite sport.” You see I said the same thing right except for one, one of the ways I said it. The tone I used was kind of snarky and you know full of myself, the other was feigning, pretending to be humble. “Yeah you know I just love disc golf. I am the best disc golf player in the whole world.” You would sit there and go, “oh well.” You see that is what Joel Osteen is doing. Listen to the content of his words. Okay and tell me how humble he really is. Is humility based upon the tone of the voice or the meaning of the words that you say? Let me back this up so that you can kind of ask yourself this question. Is he truly humble or is Joel Osteen not one of the most self absorbed narcissistic people you have ever heard. Let me back this up.

Joel Osteen, “Health, strength, abundance, discipline is heading your way. But how many people when they wake up in the morning, look in the mirror. The first thing they say I am so old. I am so wrinkled. I am so worn out. You are inviting oldness. You are inviting fatigue. Do us all a favour. Stop inviting that. When you get up in the morning look in the mirror instead of complaining you should be saying, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am attractive. I am getting younger. You talk like that and God will renew your youth. I know people the older…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “Really so if I look in the mirror and I go, “Man I am just thin and I am the handsomest guy in the whole world. God is going to go, “Oh finally now I can bless him with weight loss and with a more chiselled chin and better looks. Where in the Bible does it say any of this? Show me where in scripture the apostles taught this doctrine. Show me in the history of the ancient church and the church fathers where this was the doctrine that Christianity embraced, taught, confessed and that Martyrs died for. That is right Christianity, all of Christian history is marked with Martyrs. People who have paid the ultimate sacrifice which is their lives okay to confess and proclaim Jesus Christ, who would rather die proclaiming Jesus than live having denied Him – is this why the Martyrs died? Was this the doctrine that they bled for? Was this the doctrine that Christians were thrown to the wild beasts in the Roman arenas? Was this the doctrine that Christians were literally bathed in tar and then lit on fire to become teaky tortures for outdoor parties for Nero and people like that. Is this the doctrine that they died for?”

Joel Osteen, “I know people the older they get, the more attractive they are, a lot has to do with our attitude. The other day our daughter Alexandra had a copy of my first book from 2004. She was comparing the picture to my new book that was just released. She said, “Daddy you look better now than you did back then.” I said, “What would you like me to buy you?”

Chris Rosebrough, “Oh the wonders of Photoshop.”

Joel Osteen, “I was with my college roommate last week. He said, “Joel what are you doing? You are getting taller, you are growing.” I said, “I receive that.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Again ask the question he says in such a awe shucks kind of humble kind of way. But the words that he is saying if I were to transcribe them and hand them to you and say and not tell you who said them, “What would you think of this person?”

Joel Osteen, “I didn’t want to tell him that he is getting shorter. But when you go around saying, “I am being renewed in my youth. I am full of health, vitality, wholeness.” That is one of the best anti aging treatments you could ever take. My mother is a great example of this. I mentioned how she just turned 78. She still looks fantastic. She is still strong, still energetic, still beautiful. But when you get up in the morning, don’t talk about how old you are, how bad you look. Dare to say I am young. I am energetic. I am vibrant. I am radiant. I am fresh. Some of you women have never once said…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “Notice again not a single Bible verse to substantiate any of these assertions. Not one.”

Joel Osteen, “I am beautiful. You are so focused on your flaws and what you don’t like about yourself and how you wish you had more here and less there. I am not pointing, but you know where I mean. When you say I am beautiful. Beauty comes looking for you. Youth comes looking for you. Freshness comes looking for you. Nobody can do this for you.”

Chris Rosebrough, “This is narcissistic mythology.”

Joel Osteen, “It has got to come out of your own mouth. Listen ladies don’t go around telling your husband’s how unattractive you are. You should never put yourself down and especially don’t put yourself down in front of your own husband. You are his prize. To him you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Why would you want to tell him anything differently, the last thing he needs to hear is how bad you think you look, don’t put those thoughts in his mind. It is not going to do him nor you any good to discredit yourself. If you keep telling him how bad you look one day he may believe you.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Okay now I am not going to play the whole sermon. That is pretty much the whole message. Notice not a single Bible passage to substantiate even one of these allegations. All of this was done in the name of God. “God wants you to do this. He will bless you if you say that. You will be cursed if you say this or you think that.” Right, no Bible passage says that. Not only was this narcissistic and utterly self-focused and conceited, arrogant like you wouldn’t believe.

Okay not only was it all of that, but what you heard here was exactly what the Bible defines as taking God’s name in vain. Joel Osteen has hijacked God’s name. Held up Bibles to create the impression that the God of the universe, that this is what He wants you to believe and this is what He wants you to do. But God has not said any of this. His Word doesn’t teach this. This isn’t what Jesus taught. This isn’t the disciples and the apostles taught. This isn’t what the church has confessed and this isn’t the doctrine that the Martyrs have died for. This is something very different. It is satanic. It is deceitful. It is a false gospel and it sends people to hell and it doesn’t matter how successful he is. He is not successful even in the remotest sense of the word of rightly handling God’s Word and proclaiming the biblical gospel. Joel Osteen is smiling and happy and foe humble not real humble, foe humble and likeable and just the nicest guy ever and yet he is sending people to hell with this teaching. This is not only not helpful. This is absolute spiritual poison.

[Segment Three – 00:39:05 – 00:39:55]

Chris Rosebrough, “When we come back we are going to be doing a Joyce Meyer update. Joyce Meyer believes the same false teaching regarding the power of words that Joel Osteen teaches and she was asked questions by her audience recently regarding you know how do you talk about negative things in your life without creating those types of realities. So you don’t want to miss that.

Joyce Meyer Explains How to Speak About Negative Circumstances Without Creating Them

[Segment Four – 00:46:12 – 00:46:42]

[Ssegement Five – 00:47:27 – 01:01:02]

Chris Rosebrough, “Alright we are back warning if you are being told that your words create reality, you are being taught false doctrine. You need to get out of that church quick otherwise you might find yourself in hell.”

[Plays intro music for Joyce Meyer]

 Wolf Mother – Joker and Thief

I said the joker is a wanted man,
He makes his way all across the land,
See him sifting through the sand,

So I’ll tell you all the story,
About the joker and the thief of the night,

Always laughing in the midst of power,
Always living in the final hour,
There is always sweet in the sour,

We are not goin’ home,

Can you see the joker flying over,
As she’s standing in the field of clover,
Watching out everyday?
I wonder what would happen if he took her away?

Yeah that is Wolf Mother Joker and The Thief. That is our Joyce Meyer update music. Okay so Joyce Meyer on her daily television programme recently discussed well the authority issue of what if you actually like her believe the heresy called the you know Word of Faith heresy and you know things aren’t exactly going well peachy keen in your life and you want to talk about it. Well how do you go about talking about you know negative results and not necessarily the best things in your life without accidently creating a negative reality. Because remember just like Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer believes that you create your reality with your words. Well so Joyce Meyer decided to do a you know an audience you know question and answer period to address this particular awkward and thorny subject. Here is Joyce Meyer and her employee answering these questions. Here we go.

Joyce Meyer, “Welcome to Enjoying Everyday Life. Romans 4 v 17 says that God speaks of the nonexistent things as if they existed. How about you?”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah He calls the things that are not as though they were because they exist in His mind. He is God He has the power to create.”

Joyce Meyer, “How do you talk about your future? This whole week we have been discussing…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “You know I don’t really talk about my future much. What are you talking about?”

Joyce Meyer, “We have been discovering that our words can and do have an impact on our lives and the lives of other people. Later in the programme we will have teaching from Winstin Sail, North Carolina about little phrases that will help us build a better future. But right now…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “Little phrases that will help us build a better future. Really? Do you sow magic beans too?”

Joyce Meyer, “But right now Ginger has some viewer questions regarding our words. Ginger I bet you have got some good questions don’t you?”

Ginger Stache, “I have some great questions today. Thanks for letting us ask them.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah this is Joyce Meyer’s employee Ginger to ask questions you know well listen…”

Ginger Stache, “This comes from Brandy in Denver and Brandy says I have a question about the scripture, Proverbs 18 v 21, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” How can I share with God my hurts and securities, frustrations and pain in a healthy way, I want to stay honest with Him and receive the help that I need. But I don’t want to speak negative things at the same time.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah the last thing you want to, by the way that whole thing about, Proverbs 18 v 21, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Read it in a good translation and in context and you will realise it is not saying that your words have the ability to create life or death in the sense that they are magic or have power. It is talking about speaking unwisely in front of authority. But yeah look it up in context. You will see what I am saying so here they go, they misunderstand this biblical text. Joyce Meyer teaches falsely the Word of Faith heresy that your words create reality and now we have got the thorny issue of wow you know boy this is tricky. The last thing I want to do is mess up my future by speaking negatively inadvertently and then boom cursing myself.”

Joyce Meyer, “One of the things that I tell people is that you can talk about a negative situation in a positive way. God doesn’t expect us not to talk to Him about the problem or to tell Him honestly when we are hurting. The Bible says that He desires truth in the inward being.”

Chris Rosebrough, “So you have got to speak positively about the negative in your life.”

Joyce Meyer, “So He wants us to be truthful with ourself and truthful with Him and even truthful with other people. If I am having a problem and you say to me, “You look a little like maybe something is bothering you Joyce, are you okay?” I don’t need to lie to you. I can say, “Yeah I am going through something right now but you know I really believe that God is on top of it.” If I am praying and I believe He is going to work it out. I don’t have to get negative about it. So yes we can talk to God about whatever is bothering us. But at the same time we can say but I know that your Word is true and I believe that you are going to work in this situation. If there is something you need me to do please show me.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Do you also, just a question. Do you believe that when you are walking down the side walk, if you step on a crack that it will break your mammas back? I am curious. Do you believe that doctrine by the way? Yeah I would be curious to see if you avoid all the cracks while you are walking down the side walk. It is the same idea.”

Joyce Meyer, “If there is something you need me to do please show me and work through me to enable me to do it and I trust you.”

Ginger Stache, “Right.”

Joyce Meyer, “I trust you and I believe that it will all work out good.”

Ginger Stache, “There is a really important key in there that you are saying is God does want us to be truthful.”

Joyce Meyer, “Yes.”

Ginger Stache, “We have to be real.”

Joyce Meyer, “Yes.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah but just don’t say negative things that will attract the negative to you.”

Ginger Stache, “We have to be real and even with our friends and people we love. But we can’t be throwing out those negative feelings everywhere we go.”

Joyce Meyer, “Yeah and I think sometimes that Christians maybe who believe in positive confession or making sure…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “Positive confession that is another term for the Word of Faith heresy. She is a heretic. She teaches heresy. The Bible doesn’t teach this concept. This is magic. This is mythology. This is man-made human tradition. This is not biblical teaching or is it sound Christian doctrine and the Bible doesn’t teach it and the church has not taught this until these folks showed up.”

Joyce Meyer, “Yeah and I think sometimes that Christians maybe who believe in positive confession or making sure they say the right thing. If you get too spiritually weird with that you know it can come across wrong to people. Especially people who don’t understand and so they begin to think, “Well you are not real, you are not even dealing with real life. I mean you are not even telling the truth.” That is why I think it is important to be truthful. But to be positive and also we don’t have to talk about our problems and talk about them and talk about them.”

Ginger Stache, “Right.”

Joyce Meyer, “You know even with God we can tell Him you know I am really hurting or tomorrow I can say I am still really hurting. You know but I believe that you are….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Woo we have got to be careful there. Joel Osteen just said that if you say I am hurting that you are going to send hurt your way, same concept right?”

Joyce Meyer, “You know but I believe that you are taking care of this. We can always talk about it in a positive way.”

Ginger Stache, “Alright well here is another question. This comes from Norman in Ontario, Canada and he says, “I am one of those whose mouth has caused me plenty of grief.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Not your sin. It is your mouth yeah.”

Ginger Stache, “He is honest, “I can be a mumbling complainer. But the biggest mouth problem I have is interrupting my friends and it drives them crazy. Do you have any tools to help me be a better listener?”

Joyce Meyer, “Well first of all I think recognizing the problem is step one. Praying about it on a daily basis is step two and hopefully this is not going to hurt his feelings if he is watching the programme today. But I have had a tendency to interrupt also because I like to talk [Laughs] and sadly sometimes I have liked to talk more than I have liked to listen. But the older I get the more I realise that it is excessive talking that always gets us in trouble. So I am getting better every day. There is my positive confession. But….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah there it is. She is getting better every day, every day in every way I am getting better and better. Yeah I saw that on one of The Pink Panther movies. Chief inspector Dreyfus tried using that one when he is in the psycho bin and it didn’t really help him out much.”

Joyce Meyer, “I think that pride is part of it too. I think that sometimes we just think that what we have to say is more important than what the other person has to say. So we just want them to be quiet so we can say what we want to say. So maybe just really coming to grips, am I dealing with an issue of pride here? Because until the root of the problem is taken care of, it will keep cropping up, so that would be my suggestion would be to really study some of the things the Bible says about pride and humility.”

Ginger Stache, “That has to teach us something.”

Chris Rosebrough, “I am curious would you consider that a sin? Because you have said over and over again, “I am not poor. I am not miserable and I am not a sinner.” Would somebody who has been prideful you know and hurting people’s feelings with their words, would that be a sin?”

Ginger Stache, “Look at it that way.”

Joyce Meyer, “And really ask God you know show me that what I want to say is not any more important than what other people are saying and I need to be willing to listen with a humble attitude.”

Ginger Stache, “Yeah that is helpful. I love this question. This is from Dane and Dane says, “Hi Joyce I am ten years old and I have a question I hope you could answer. If you get called names a lot and you get used to it and you just ignore it. Will those bad words affect me a long time from now?”

Chris Rosebrough, “So here we have got he is being bullied with words and now he is afraid of the power of all those negative words from bullies.”

Ginger Stache, “Will those bad words affect me a long time from now mentally and emotionally?”

Joyce Meyer, “That is a great question from a ten year old. I think this ten year old…..”

Ginger Stache, “It is, it is pretty deep.”

Joyce Meyer, “… way ahead of the game and I would say this if you take them into yourself and believe them yes they can affect you. If you are in a situation where you cannot say anything back to the person who is saying them to you, if it is an authority figure in his life or maybe it is even some kids at school.”

Ginger Stache, “Bullies…..”

Joyce Meyer, “But he knows it is going to be useless to say anything to them. Then what I would do if I were him is when people say things like that to him, he can say within himself, “Well God I know that is not true. I know that I have gifts and talents and abilities and I know that you love me and you have created me and I believe that you are going to use me to do great things. So I think it is just a matter.”

Ginger Stache, “There you go.”

Joyce Meyer, “Yeah it is a matter of you believe and you can’t believe what everybody says.”

Chris Rosebrough, “So notice what is our Saviour in this theology? You are your own Saviour and more specifically your words are your Saviour, not Jesus Christ. The things that you say about yourself, those are the things that either make your future great and quote save you, notice saving here is saving you from temporal misery or your words create misery because they are negative and they create a false reality. But ultimately you are your own Saviour more specifically your words are the thing that save you. They are the things that have the power. Yeah you don’t need a Jesus for this. You don’t need a crucified and risen Saviour for this at all. You just need to have a positive mental attitude and the ability to voice positive amazing affirmations about yourself. So yeah that is the gist of these questions.

I mean how do you deal with the day to day complexities of making sure that you say positive things and what if people are saying negative things to you, can they destroy your future with your words? This is mythology. This is human teaching. This isn’t what the Bible teaches and all the questions that are coming as a result of it. The ones that you just heard there, well they make perfect sense. But see the biblical answer to all of this is this – this isn’t what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches that all of the suffering and misery that we experience in this life are the result and consequences of sin and that the solution is a crucified and risen Saviour and we are called to repent of our sin and trust in Him for the forgiveness of our sins. That is the solution not positive affirmations about how God has big things for your life. That is not what the Bible teaches at all. This is the epitome of narcissism.”



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