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Ex-Word of Faith Testimony of Rhema Grad Micheal Adams: The Lies That Bind!

Reasons Why wSOURCE: The lies that bind…

It’s difficult to explain the whole concept of ‘The Word of Faith’ to someone not caught up in the mess that some ministers have made out of the Bible…Think of it as having a hundred dollars meant to feed your kids and someone tells you that if you spent that hundred dollars on lottery tickets that you’d be guaranteed to win millions…

…I know it sounds gullible, and it is, but in the words of a master sales person who knows his/her Bible, they can make the impossible sound possible, the implausible within reach…If only they believed…Not what the Bible says, mind you, what they say the Bible means…They’ll throw out Mark 11:24, Hebrews 11:1 and every other scripture that promises you can have whatever it is you want by simply believing it and people buy into this Fairy Tale hook, line, and sinker.


Because we want to believe…We want to think that we can grab that brass ring without stretching forth a hand to grab it, that we can just say a few words, repeating them over and over again in the hopes that all of our financial, medical, personal needs will be met by a God who has nothing better to do than to drop a couple of grand in your pocket so that you can go out and eat at a nice restaurant, buy clothes that represent success…Faith…Prosperity.

The reality is a little more bitter…Ken Copeland, one of the ‘Giants’ in the whole Word of Faith movement, once gave a special seminar to the students at Rhema, explaining, with the Bible as backup, that since we were studying to be ministers, men and women of God, that we were doing Gods work and because of this we didn’t need to divide our time with that pesky little thing called employment…That we’d be provided all of our needs because we were the chosen, we were the future Apostles and Prophets who would go out and preach this (Then) relatively new interpretation of the scriptures…And believe me when I tell you that, upon hearing this man, a man who’d told us how he’d believed God would give him an airplane and he was given that plane…Granted, it was given to him by his father, a wealthy man in his own right, but, hey…Faith is Faith…It sounded good, it sounded tempting, and most of all it sounded scriptural.

But I had a wife and son that depended upon me, and I honestly didn’t think I had that kind of Faith in me…But a lot of my fellow students did and went out, quit their jobs and began that treacherous walk of Faith…And within three months, most of those same people were out of their apartments, their homes, and sent packing back to where they came from because they were broke, because they’d been given a promise from someone who claimed to be spreading the word of God, the ‘Word of Faith’…And they were blameless in the tragedies that ended many persons Faith because they just didn’t believe enough…They weren’t really chosen of God, they simply stepped out of the plan God had for their lives and tried to slip into a role they weren’t meant to be in…

…The rich, the wealthy who have the money for medical expenses, for homes too big for them, who have a car for every day of the week because the gullible send them money they don’t have can afford to be judgmental, can stand behind the pulpit and say pretty much whatever they want with impunity and rarely ever be held accountable for their actions, for their lies, for their deceptions.

I guess I’m luckier than most…That isn’t to say I didn’t lose a lot because of the Word of Faith debacle…I lost my family, I lost more money than I’d care to think about, I even lost my Faith for a while, my direction in life because I, like so many others, got caught up in the fever of Faith…I was guilty of believing blindly and had to pay the price. For me, I suppose I only lost what would have eventually been gone from my life in the first place because I turned my back on the Ministry, on what I’d learned at Rhema, and the friends I thought I had, well, they saw me as a pariah, an outcast…A heretic.

I liked that concept because the blinders had been taken off and I could once again look at the Bible with a fresh point of view…There is now, this world, a time where we’re meant to work, we’re meant to create, to grow, to live, to experience all that we can because life is far too short to sit around and follow false Dogma…I do believe that all of our needs can and will be met, that sometimes we need help to have things provided for us and miracles do happen…They’ve happened to and for me many times and I’ve never taken them for granted…Many a day has come when I had nothing, no money, no home, no direction, but I was always led to safety in one way or another…Sometimes it meant admitting I was wrong, admitting that I was weak, admitting that I needed help and I’d set pride aside and reach out a hand, a heart, and I’d be given a chance to change my life, change the direction I’d been led down.

I don’t hate Rhema, I don’t begrudge them what they taught us…One of the first things Hagin said to us was that if we simply believed what he was saying because he was saying it, then we were idiots…We needed to check out the scriptures for ourselves.

I did…And as a result I made it through Rhema, not unscathed, not without some pain, some loss and more heartache than I thought I could survive at the time, but wiser…I don’t simply believe something because someone tells it to me…I don’t blindly follow another human being because human beings are fallible, human beings can lie, can deceive, even when they don’t mean to, even when they really believe what they’re saying because it worked for them.

Because their father gave them an airplane…Because people who never had the advantage of an education, Biblical or traditional, want to believe in a series of lies, believe in the easy money.

I have to admit, this is a bit personal for me…Not because I’ve lost this or that, what I’ve lost I’ve been able to replace and the love I thought I had, wasn’t…No, it’s because my father, a man who believes, who has ‘Faith’, has lost his entire life savings, all of it, because someone told him to believe…And he did…Not because he wanted more for himself, no, he wanted to help out his children, to provide for his grandchildren…His motives were good, honorable…But they’ve cost him more than just his money.

They’ve very nearly cost him his Faith.

And that’s all he really has left in this world.

There’s an old saying: ‘If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is…’ This goes for the man or woman who is promising you the moon, promising you health, wealth and wisdom…If you give unto them…Give, they say, and it shall be given unto you.


Not all that often.

Yeah…It’s personal.





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