Posted by: Damon Whitsell | July 5, 2013

Ex-Word of Faith Testimony from a Lady in California: Life after Word of Faith – What To Expect

As The Scripture Has Said: by Closing StagesSOURCE: Life After Word Of Faith: What To Expect.If you have recently left a word of faith church that you attended for years, you will experience a very dark season. By dark I mean finding your way from deception to the truth. Word of faith churches have very deceptive demonic forces operating within them. You will be forced to face the truth about your former pastor and many friends and family members who you love and respect. Most of these people are good people who are deceived, however, you will likely cut off communication with most of them which will leave you feeling alone and confused. You will also be forced to face everything within you that allowed yourself to be deceived. Here is my “ex-word of faith testimony”:

I was a very dedicated word of faither for 8 years. I didn’t grow up in the church so it was the only exposure I had to the things of God. After I left, I questioned everything that I ever learned in church. I felt lost. I became cynical. I didn’t know who Jesus truly was. I had no idea what it meant to be saved and if anyone would have asked me I would not have been able to tell them. I went through what can only be described as de-programming. I literally felt like I had no identity during that year. Every day I watched Justin Peter’s DVD’s so I could flush out the lies that I believed and learn what the truth was. I lost the only “church family” that I had known. I became an alcoholic. I stopped reading the bible because I had no idea how to study it correctly. I stopped praying. I didn’t trust anyone. I was angry beyond belief. I cried everyday. I was mad at God. I found error in everything that was taught from a pulpit even if it was being taught in context. Buzz words and cliches triggered me to the point where I felt like I was being violated. I cringed around people from my ex-word of faith church when I saw them in the community. I lost my best friend for several months because she is a word of faith minister and I couldn’t believe that she refused to hear the truth after I warned her. People gossiped about me after I left. Thankfully I left on good terms so I was not hung out to dry but people still assumed the worst. I have not been able to fully commit to a church. I cant imagine ever serving in a department at a church ever again.
I almost lost my faith.
The good news is, two years later I am almost completely healed. When people sound like word of faither’s, my blood no longer boils. I am now able to rightly divide the word. It takes time but you WILL recover. If possible, find a support group and a good counselor. You have left a cult and need help processing what you have been through. You have been changed forever. You will never be the same type of Christian that you once were, and it takes time to develop a new identity in Christ. You will be better…spiritually healthy and sane. You won’t feel like a failure every time your positive confession fails. You won’t feel like your Pastor is the only perfect Christian in the world. You will no longer fear and serve MAN. You will come to know God in His sovereignty. You will meet true Christians who’s only goal is to live for Christ…not for looks, money, houses and cars. You will BE healthy spiritually. There is no greater gift.



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