Posted by: Damon Whitsell | April 8, 2013

Sermon/Book Review: Your Worst Life Now

This sermon was preached on 2/26/2012 and is available at here. This critique starts off rough with the pastor saying right-out that Osteen is a minister of Satan, not of God – and that Joel’s book is stupid. I agree with all these things about Osteen but I wish the pastor would have made his case first and then stated his conclusions because the case he made is very compelling that what he says about Osteen and his book is true. With many scripture references the pastor shows how everyone who ever lives will have eternal life in eternity – the question is a matter of where we wll will live. The pastor shows how it is impossible for any Christian to have his best life now; or for a non-believer to have anything but his best life now – since the unbeliever lives to die the second death. When the pastor gets around to reading and reproofing the scripture that Osteen eludes to in his book, it is clear that in almost every case Joel takes promises about heaven and the next life – mixes them all up – and presents them as promises for now in this mortal life. And by doing so Osteen leaves himself and no-one else any hope at all but to have their best life’s now. This is worth an hour of your time, especially if you have read Osteens book Your Best Life Now.


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