Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 31, 2013


VIDEO DESCRIPTION: NEW Joel Osteen parody, Joel Osteen Exposed for 2012! Includes educational parody and spoof material about Joel Osteen! Includes interviews with Byron Pitts of 60 Minutes and Oprah Winfrey; along with criticism and parody by John MacArthur and Paul Washer!

The latest interview, in 2012, with Oprah Winfrey exposes the true nature of Joel’s counterfeit “gospel”. Joel’s “smiling preacher” demeanor and flattering words entice many to follow him instead of the true gospel of Christ! Joel Osteen’s disarming charm makes it difficult to expose the error of his teachings; because people are so enamored with his personality and comely appearance.

Joel Osteen studied under his father (John Osteen) for seventeen years after graduating college. Joel Osteen holds NO ministerial degree or training that anyone knows of; he majored in TV production in college. Joel served under his father as a communications specialist and fine tuned the TV production and in the process he developed his “smiling” methods. Pay special attention to how much he closes his eyes while speaking (and smiling)! This is Joel’s Pharisaical tactic to appear more “Holy” and good!

Also pay special attention to the MAKEUP he wears for the camera! If this video hurts Joel’s feelings, oh well, surely he will cry all the way to the bank and/or back to his $10 MILLION home in Houston. It is a small thing to offend men; but a great thing to offend God, which Joel Osteen does habitually by preaching JOEL’S “gospel” instead of Christ’s gospel!

The reason behind making this video was two-fold:
1. To educate and edify the true Christians.
2. and hopefully to wake-up and draw away sincere (albeit immature) Christians currently caught up in the deception of Joel Osteen, Lakewood “Church” and Joel’s pantheist/universalist false prosperity gospel!


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