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History Channels The BIble MiniSeries, Joel Osteen and Roma Downey help bring about a New World

Roma-Downet-OM-Magazine-The-Bible-Miniseries-A-Christian-Review-e1363330756325This post exposes the New Age affiliations of Roma Downey, critiques the first two episodes in light of the Bible and list the projects “board of advisers” being Joel Otseen, TD Jakes, Rick Warran and many other questionable “advisers”. I said about a week ago I needed to write an article that showed these New Age connections that I had read about in the comment section of an article critiquing the Bible Miniseries but THIS POST from does a great job. I’ll post some of the article and you can read the rest at

To the article I’d like to add this one that shows Mark Burnett and Roma Downey telling of the importance they thought it was to have New Age Prayer Circles during the Miniseries production. This article does a great job of detail critiquing the first episode. That one and this one both say that some of the artistic license that was taken in the MiniSeries was talk about “changing the world”.

And here is Todd Friel of WretchedRadio doing a great job of summing up the issue.

The Bible Miniseries: Hollywood Heresy

With much critical acclaim and fanfare, History Channel’s “The Bible” miniseries debuted as the highest rated program in the network’s history. A 10-hour mini-series that covers popular Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, has been a commercial success. The Christian Post online news site proclaimed: “This Time, Hollywood Got It Right.” wrote in its review: “This 10 part mini-series is a must-see epic of Biblical proportion. It is a wonderful testament to the enduring power of the Holy Bible, and the importance it plays in the history and eternal destiny of mankind.”

Yet watching the mini-series with a Bible-based perspective, it becomes obvious that this mini-series is full of unbiblical heresies, changes a great deal of the Bible’s details and ignores the message of salvation and forgiveness of sin in Jesus Christ that is the main purpose of the entire Bible itself. And what is even more dangerous is that many churches have adopted this series for teaching and sharing the Word of God in their services, continuing the fall of many Christian churches into spiritual apostasy.



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