Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 2, 2013

BOOK: “Hopeless Peddlers: How the Prosperity Gospel has Corrupted the Influence, Integrity and Witness of the Institutional Church” by Nicholas Carl Moore

hopeless peddlers bookI am gladly recommending this book to the readers of this blog, without having read it, because Shawnice Powell of the Experience in the Word of Faith Blog  said of it’s author Nicholas Carl Moore “Bro Nick is cool guy and a strong defender of the faith” – and that she said she plans to pick up a copy of it this weekend. Plus the books “WoF has corrupted” the influence, integrity and witness on the Institute of the Church angle seemed rather unique and very interesting to me.  I’ve never seen a WoF exposure book that takes that line of approach before – so I too hope to be picking up a copy within a few weeks.  Several of Shawnice’s writings are posted on this blog with copious amounts of links back to her site because her writings and postings are good and I am friends with her on Facebook, so I know she is now doctrinally sound and passionate about sharing her experience in the WoF and also has a heart for defending biblical truth – even if it means Standing Alone, which it often does. She has not been out of the WoF for all that long but if you read her testimony that is posted here on this sites Testimony Page you will see she has taken the time to detox and reprogram her self and her theology, after being in the WoF for 11 years (as indicated on the first link above).

I was even more happy when I discovered that Nicholas is in full time ministry from his Facebook page here. And when I visited the third link above I became excited to get this book and recommend it because “Bro Nic” has written several other books that deal with such topics as “Why Most Black Churches Fail Most Black Men“, which it’s description text says “This book is a serious indictment on the Church, the Body of Christ, Pastors, church leaders and families to stop the charade, lying, manipulation, emasculation and witchcraft which has become a well orchestrated “circus” better known as Sunday Morning Service! God is not pleased and it is evident! The title of this book, along with the cover was not conceived by the publishers or some slick marketing firm. I am sick and tired of watching these arrogant Pastors manipulate the Word of God to benefit their own lustful desires“. Wow man, I might have to force my tightwad and limited funds self to get that one too. Don’t that sound like it will be a great great book? It does to me because in my time of keeping up with the WoF Movement I have come to believe that it’s influence on my black brothers and sisters in Christ is probably far greater than in most predominantly “white” churches, on a per capita basis.

Of this book I am recommeding the description text says “This book is a profound indictment on how the prosperity gospel has corrupted the influence, integrity and witness of the institutional church“. I like that description allot too. So I hope you can see why I am recommending the book without having read it yet, and in part because of Shawnice’s words about it’s author.

I asked Shawnice to write a review of it when she gets done reading it – but she has not yet had time to respond to my request. If she does I’ll post that review or a link to it here on this blog. I would also like to write a review of the book after I read it but I am the kinda guy who has allot of ups and downs and often puts too much on his plate to ever get around to it all – and sometimes I drop my whole darn plate. But if the Lord is willing I’ll get around to it. I also asked Nicolas if he would do a radio show with me about the book (see what I mean about that too full plate? lol). If he says yes, you can listen to that show here within a few weeks to find out more about the book. So if it sounds great to you like it does me – pick up a copy and let me know what you think. If you have any questions you can contact Nicolas through his Facebook page listed above. Thanks for reading and/or subscribing to this blog.


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