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A commenter named BornAgainJerry left this great comment on our open discussion thread here called “OPEN THREAD (Please Participate For New Article Creation) – PROBLEMS WITH THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL”. I thought I would share it with the readers and subscribers of this blog and ask you to also comment on our open discussion thread about Problems with the Prosperity Gospel. I hope to use that input and some of the material to write a lengthy and detailed article on Problems with the Prosperity Gospel next week. PLEASE, SPEAK UP AND SPEAK YOUR MIND!!!

PROBLEMBornAgainJerry – “The Prosperity gospel is pseudo-christian in nature that appeals to the appetites of the flesh, even atheists are attracted to it; in a narcissus society such as ours that selfishly cares for its own well being of obtaining wealth, health, and material trappings for its own extravaganza, the prosperity gospel is a message welcomed within todays church with open arms!

Its a “quick fix” for greed ‘sanctioned by God’ (according to the prosperity pimps) its adherents never seen to catch on to the fact that the only ones prospering are the preachers.

These pseudo-intellectuals have fooled the unthinking with their fake credentials (one in particular has only an 8th grade education now calls himself “Dr.”) with less than 40 hrs of training from one of the many diploma mills (for a fee of course).

With their self appointed titles of bishops, apostles, prophet & prophetess they have “dumbed-down” the average christian into unquestioned blind obedience not allowing people to think or study the Word for themselves under threat of a curse if called into question about what they teach, with superstitious ‘buzz’ words, “touch not my anointed” “he thats without sin” “take your mouth off the ‘Man of God’” and “only God can judge, just pray about it” (their favorite defense when a scandal breaks out).

Any bible literate believer is considered a threat and ostracized by the congregation; this so-called gospel is dangerous, cultic and the doctrine of demons. It calls “bitter sweet and sweet bitter”

The God of this movement is not sovereign, but a “failure” who needs mans permission to operate on earth and dependent on the “Force of Faith” to do anything…

The Jesus of this movement is ‘just a anointed man’ who grew into his godhood (at age 30)…who’s blood shed on the cross was not sufficient…who went to hell for 3 days and became ‘born again’…

The Spirit of this movement is constantly giving “revelation knowledge” to the select few that contradicts “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” and is unable to produce Holiness in the lives of its people…

Beware of the false shepherds! Jesus said I Am the true shepherd “my sheep know My voice, and follow me, a stranger they will not listen to!” -John chap 10”

MY RESPONSE WAS…… “Jerry, I just now got to read your comments. Dude, that was awesome. I’ll have to use that. TY so much. And your reference to atheist makes me think of this post that makes a contrasting and great point, it is a little rant about the PG and drug dealers and such……

“I walk through the ‘hood and checkout the Drug Dealer; he has CARS, PROPERTY, and MONEY. I checkout the PROSTITUTE; she has DESIGNER CLOTHING, JEWELRY, LAVISH LIVING QUARTERS, and MONEY. I checkout the PIMP; he’s STACKING WEALTH, PROPERTY, CARS, and PRESTIGE. I checkout the HUSTLERS of the UNDERWORLD (conmen, thieves, robbers, thugs, gangsters and killers) of INFAMY and SIN; they’re ALL packing, stacking and strapped with MONEY, POSSESSIONS and MATERIALISM.

All of these KNOWN SINNERS have all of what they have – and WITHOUT even acknowledging God in the least! So what can the PROSPERITY DOCTRINE do for them? Get them SAVED? Get them REDEEMED? Help them LIVE HOLY? What about get them CLOSER to God? What, NONE of these? If that’s the case, then we have to CONFESS that this DEMONIC PROSPERITY DOCTRINE being PREACHED by the FALSE PROPHETS and FALSE PREACHERS is SPIRITUALLY WORTHLESS! Why would God be INTERESTED in PUSHING and PROMOTING something that can be ACQUIRED WITHOUT Him? He said He won’t SHARE His Glory with another.

But we KNOW that the Gospel of Jesus Christ that leads to SALVATION is for EVERYBODY, of EVERY RACE, of EVERY BACKGROUND, and of EVERY WALK OF LIFE!!! Christians, it’s time to ERADICATE this POISONOUS doctrine out of the Body of Christ and RETURN back to our FIRST LOVE and REPEAT our FIRST WORKS over again that the Body of Christ was FOUNDATIONED upon!!!”

AND THAT IS WHY THE PG IS SO DEADLY, in the eternal sense of the word. All an atheist has to do is start calling himself a Christian and going to church every once in awhile and NOTHING HAS TO CHANGE, and he can go on pursuing the same thing that has always interested him and enslaved his passions,,, HIMSELF and HIS DESIRES. But now he is told that seeking after self is what God wants, in a very very subtle way, and now God is on his side and will even help him to be even more selfish and self centered and motivated. “GOD IS FOR YOU, AND IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND NOW THAT GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE, LIVE IT UP BECAUSE YOU WANT, NEED AND DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW: – even if it means your life here will be better than your eternal one.”



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