Posted by: Damon Whitsell | February 2, 2013

OPEN THREAD (Please Participate For New Article Creation) – PROBLEMS WITH THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL

prosperit gospel three steps
I was blessed to find a brand new blog via Google Alerts when the author, a Baptist Missionary in Africa, Seth Meyers posted the following list of 9 Problems with the Problems of The Prosperity Gospel.

  1. The prosperity gospel is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. The prosperity gospel urges sinners to commit idolatry.
  3. The prosperity gospel denies God’s sovereign purposes for pain as revealed in Scripture.
  4. The prosperity gospel ignores Biblical teaching on wealth.
  5. The prosperity gospel discourages logical thought about the Bible, a work ethic, sickness, economics, and politics.
  6. The prosperity gospel requires other heresies to support it such as deification and positive confession.
  7. The prosperity gospel inoculates people from hearing the truth because they think they already know Gospel.
  8. The prosperity gospel has never been accepted in the Christian church until the 1980’s.
  9. The prosperity gospel contradicts the lives of the many godly but poor believers in the Bible and history.

comment belowWhen reading the list, as I got down to point #7, I thought that was the most salient and important point listed yet. After finishing I thought the list was a great start but neglected the most important point and that is the inference drawn in point 7 that because of the Prosperity Gospel some people think they are Christian and saved but they are not because they do not even know the true gospel of Jesus Christ as listed in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

So since I felt a need to try and reach some of these people with the true gospel and I have not written an original article for this site in a long time I thought I would use Seth’s list as a starting point for such an article and ask you guys, the readers and subscribers of this blog, to help me write an article. And since I know first hand, from previously running a support group and participating other such support groups for Ex-Word of Faithers, the importance and value of ex-Word of Faithers getting to know other Ex-Word of Faithers – I thought it would be a great idea to have a open thread and discussion about the Problems of the Prosperity Gospel here so that we all might get to interacting with each other and someone who is trying to recover and deprogram from Word of faith teachings would have a chance to get to know others they can confide with. And I hope this post will do just that.

So I am opening Comments on this post asking you to please participate. You can either add a point to the list or expound upon any point already made in the list. And in about two weeks I will spend a couple of hours writing an article based on all we have discussed about the Problems with The Prosperity Gospel. And hopefully it will help others and might even help to get someone saved. I will put some thought into this and start putting my thoughts in the threaded comment section below. I hope you will do the same.

Thanks so much,
And be more blessed,
Damon Whitsell


  1. Jesus asked one of the most important & controversial questions in human history “WHO DO MEN SAY THAT I AM?” the wrong answer could cost you Eternity….!
    Jesus stated in his prayer for the 12 disciples “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” John 17:3…
    many of Christs contemporaries were confused about him (I don’t say this to sound smug) but they like the people of our day “were in error, not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God” Matt 22:29
    “many in the crowd…said,
    truly this is the Prophet! others
    said, will the Messiah come from Galilee?
    Does not the scriptures say, the Christ will
    be a desendent of David and come from
    So there was division among the people because of Him.
    Jn 7:40-43
    Jesus said ” You search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life, and these are they which testify about Me!” Jn 5:39

    When Simon Peter declared to Jesus “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!” the Lord told him that this was revealed to him by the Father-
    The cults and false religions do not come to the correct knowledge of Christ because the only the Holy Spirit can give true revelation of who Jesus is “For He will testify of Me!” Jn 15:26

    Down thru history, many within the church have preached “a different gospel, a different Jesus and a different spirit” 2 Cor 11:4

    to the jews of Jesus’ day he was a ‘stumbling block and an offense’
    a demon possessed false Messiah’…WRONG!

    to the sect of the Ebionites he was only a human being with the Christ spirit upon him whos human father was Joseph…WRONG!

    to the Gnostics he was a non physical fanthom…WRONG!

    to the Arians he was the first created being, a lesser deity..WRONG!

    to others hes a shape-shifter Jesus whos his own father, son & holy spirit whenever it suits him..WRONG!

    to some he is the “spirit-brother” of Lucifer, the devil..WRONG!!

    and the list goes on…now hes a Satan possessed, born-again sinner… WRONG!

    JESUS CHRIST is the Eternal self existing one, there was never a time when he didn’t exist “In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God!” John 1:1
    the literal Virgin born Son of God, who became human and dwelt amongst us John 1:14
    “Who commited NO sin, nor did any deceit come out of his mouth”
    1 Pet 2:22
    Christ said “….Satan has nothing in me!” Jn 14:30 (no relation!)

    He is the only way (not the way shower) to God the Father
    “For there is no other name given under heaven by whom men can be saved” Acts 4:12
    “For if you do not believe that I Am he, you will die in your sins!”
    Jn 8:24
    “He who believes in the Son of God has the witness in himself, he who does not believe has made GOD a lair, BECAUSE HE HAS NOT BELIEVED THE TESTIMONY THAT GOD HAS GIVEN OF HIS SON”
    1 John 5:10
    This is the true CHRIST of scripture!

    • Thank you for taking the time to post another great comment Jerry.

  2. When things don’t happen as you are told they will happen, you begin to think you do not have enough faith. I had gotten out of WOF by the grace of God Who showed me how they do not use all of Scripture but only random verses. After I got out and found out about the “Born again Jesus” way of salvation that they advocate I was so happy to have gotten out. I had thought they were only a group of Christians with aberrant and false teachings. But when I found out that they believed Jesus had to be born again, I realized that theya re not Christians at all.

    • Hi Nannette, you touched on my greatest concern about the WoF, people thinking they are christian and saved when they are not. I see allot of “normal” or “denominational” or other “non-WoF” people get sucked into the heresy all the time. Since the WoF is basically Christian TV today,, it is everywhere and effecting even non-wof churches (especially Osteen and Meyers). I have long thought that those who where already saved and get caught up in the WoF lies are saved and most would be eventually lead out by The Lord. But for people who have never been a “non-WoF christian” and they “find Jesus” in a WoF church,, they have found the wrong Jesus, have been taught a false gospel, and are incited by a false Spirit – and are not real Christians and are not even saved. And as it has been said before it is harder to convince someone they have been deceived than to convince them they are wrong. When I write my article I will focus allot on that. Since your Ex-Wof do you have any insights you would like to share? And maybe even a paragraph or two expressing it from your point of view. THANKS, Damon

  3. The Prosperity gospel is psuedo-christian in nature that appeals to the appetites of the flesh, even atheists are attracted to it; in a narcissus society such as ours that selfishly cares for its own well being of obtaining wealth, health, and material trappings for its own extravaganze, the prosperity gospel is a message welcomed within todays church with open arms!

    Its a “quick fix” for greed ‘sanctioned by God’ (according to the prosperity pimps) its adherants never seen to catch on to the fact that the only ones prospering are the preachers.
    These psuedo-intellectuals have fooled the unthinking with their fake credentials (one in particular has only an 8th grade education now calls himself “Dr.”) with less than 40 hrs of training from one of the many diploma mills (for a fee of course).

    With their self appointed titles of bishops, apostles, prophet & prophetess they have “dumbed-down” the average christian into unquestioned blind obedience not allowing people to think or study the Word for themselves under threat of a curse if called into question about what they teach, with superstitious ‘buzz’ words, “touch not my anointed” “he thats without sin” “take your mouth off the ‘Mand of God'” and “only God can judge, just pray about it” (their favorite defense when a scandal breaks out).

    Any bible literate believer is considered a threat and ostricized by the congregration; this so-called gospel is dangerous, cultic and the doctrine of demons. It calls “bitter sweet and sweet bitter”

    The God of this movement is not sovereign, but a “failure” who needs mans permission to operate on earth and dependent on the “Force of Faith” to do anything…

    The Jesus of this movement is ‘just a anointed man’ who grew into his godhood (at age 30)…whos blood shed on the cross was not sufficient…who went to hell for 3 days and became ‘born again’…

    The Spirit of this movement is constantly giving “revelation knowlege” to the select few that contradicts “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” and is unable to produce Holiness in the lives of its people…

    Beware of the false shepherds! Jesus said I Am the true shepherd “my sheep know My voice, and follow me, a stranger they will not listen to!” -John chap 10

    • TY for this responce. I’ll have to respond later. 🙂

    • Jerry, I just now got to read your comments. Dude, that was awesome. I’ll have to use that. TY so much. And your reference to atheist makes me think of this post that makes a contrasting and great point, it is a little rant about the PG and drug dealers and such……

      “I walk through the ‘hood and checkout the Drug Dealer; he has CARS, PROPERTY, and MONEY. I checkout the PROSTITUTE; she has DESIGNER CLOTHING, JEWELRY, LAVISH LIVING QUARTERS, and MONEY. I checkout the PIMP; he’s STACKING WEALTH, PROPERTY, CARS, and PRESTIGE. I checkout the HUSTLERS of the UNDERWORLD (conmen, thieves, robbers, thugs, gangsters and killers) of INFAMY and SIN; they’re ALL packing, stacking and strapped with MONEY, POSSESSIONS and MATERIALISM.

      All of these KNOWN SINNERS have all of what they have – and WITHOUT even acknowledging God in the least! So what can the PROSPERITY DOCTRINE do for them? Get them SAVED? Get them REDEEMED? Help them LIVE HOLY? What about get them CLOSER to God? What, NONE of these? If that’s the case, then we have to CONFESS that this DEMONIC PROSPERITY DOCTRINE being PREACHED by the FALSE PROPHETS and FALSE PREACHERS is SPIRITUALLY WORTHLESS! Why would God be INTERESTED in PUSHING and PROMOTING something that can be ACQUIRED WITHOUT Him? He said He won’t SHARE His Glory with another.

      But we KNOW that the Gospel of Jesus Christ that leads to SALVATION is for EVERYBODY, of EVERY RACE, of EVERY BACKGROUND, and of EVERY WALK OF LIFE!!! Christians, it’s time to ERADICATE this POISONOUS doctrine out of the Body of Christ and RETURN back to our FIRST LOVE and REPEAT our FIRST WORKS over again that the Body of Christ was FOUNDATIONED upon!!!”

      AND THAT IS WHY THE PG IS SO DEADLY, in the eternal sense of the word. All an atheist has to do is start calling himself a Christian and going to church every once in awhile and NOTHING HAS TO CHANGE, and he can go on pursuing the same thing that has always interested him and enslaved his passions,,, HIMSELF and HIS DESIRES. But now he is told that seeking after self is what God wants, in a very very subtle way, and now God is on his side and will even help him to be even more selfish and self centered and motivated. “GOD IS FOR YOU, AND IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND NOW THAT GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE, LIVE IT UP BECAUSE YOU WANT, NEED AND DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW: – even if it means your life here will be better than your eternal one.

      I might use some of your writing in the article I write, rightly accredited of course. But if not, your comment has sure stirred me to thinking. TY so much. I hope it will get others to thinking and commenting too. Especially some Wofers and PG lovers.

      • Damon,
        In return thank you for your comments, I hope you continue to post “Open Thread” it is my sincere desire that more Christians or people seeking the truth will read these posts and help expose or learn not to get involved with this heresy called WoF…if there is anything I can do to help in your efforts don’t hesitate to holla back…B.A.J.

        • Thanks you brother Jerry, You have already helped. I took your comment and my response and made a post here.

          I think I will do more open threads. If you would like to help further there is a few things you can do. 1. If you see a really great writing on the WoF that you think people must get, please send it to me via the HOW TO BECOME A GROUPBLOG AUTHOR page. 2. If your ex-WoF you can write a testimony to share on our testimony page, and share that page with others. 3. Or you can just share our site with those you know. 4. If you ever write anything on the WoF, just send it to me and we will publish it. 5. Continuing commenting here. I am fixing to respond to Nannete’s comment maybe that will spark more discussion.

          LOLOL,, BTW,, your initials remind me of another WoF heresy,, the Born Again Jesus/Jesus Died Spiritually heresy. Do you know much about that?


          • One of the many reasons the Word of Faith/Prosperity gospel has taken root within the body of Christ is due to undiscerning pastors that the bible calls “blind watchmen” who failed to heed the apostle Pauls warning to the church to “Shepherd the church of God which he purchased with his own blood…because from amongst your own selves ‘Savage Wolves’ will enter in not sparing the flock, speaking perverted things in order to draw away (seduce) disciples to follow after them” Acts 20:28-30

            Jude (the Lords brother) warned that “Certain men crept in unawares…turning the grace of God into lewdness..” v.4 He characterized them as “Sensual (worldly) persons ‘without the Spirit’ that cause divisions” v.19

            They ‘came in under the radar’ thru the charismatic door because they equated Experience over the Word of God; the apostle Peter had “bragging rights” hand picked by Jesus, saw Moses & Elijah, healed people, resurrected the dead, but Simon Peter said “We have the Sure Word confirmed..” 2 Pet 1:19 By stating that he said the Scriptures are the final authority!

            Theres no correct cohesive doctrine of the Holy Spirit within WoF circles, thats why “anything goes” unchecked, thats why the most outrageous behavior, manifestations & teachings go unchallenged, the listeners neglected to “Not to believe every spirit, but test the Spirits to see if they are of God…1 Jn 4:1

            These perpetrators have made themselves Surrogate Christs and conned the people into believing they are the mediators between themselves and God…. but the scriptures say, “But the anointing which you have received from HIM dwells within you and you do not need (soley depend) on any one to instruct you, but the same anointing teaches you concerning all things and is true and not a lie, just as it has taught you, you abide in HIM” 1 John 2:27

            I have yet to hear these WORDS (pun intended) come out of a Word of Faith preachers mouth!…

            • THANK YOU for another great response Jerry. I just read through 1John last night and thought then same thing when I came to that verse,, it would be a death knell for a WoF preacher to preach, or even mention that verse and other related verses.

              I am moving and will not be back online for a week or two but when I get back I still plan on writing an article on this subject and will for sure use or keep in mind the great points you have brought up here brother. THANKS AGAIN.

  4. Let us we pray! Dear God,Please keep My family,Friends and Loved ones safe,please watch over them always,and let good health,happiness ,and good fortune befall them.Amen! From your brother in Christ! pastor yousaf


    • Hi Pastor Yousaf, thanks for your comment. I say yes all these things are good but that we should not make them The Focus of our Prayers, Desires and the center of our Christian Life’s. To do so is to neglect our Lord and the attention He deserves and all the things that the Lord has promised us besides these things, like that He will never leave us and that He will send trials and tribulations to test and grow our faith and dependance on Him, but that He will see us through these things. The capability to overcome “misfortune” is much more valuable than just plain old “good fortune”. We need strength to carry our Crosses, The Burdens of The Lord and the perseverance to Fight The Good Fight of Faith while we can be joyous in either the good or bad in life.

      If you think the Christian life is supposed to be all good and you see no problems with the Prosperity Gospel, please be respectful and withdraw from this discussion so that others can discuss the issue and the problems involved. But if your saying the things you prayed for are a legitimate part of the Christian life, then we agree and ask you to highlight and speak on the topic of this Open thread, which is The Problems of The Prosperity Gospel. THANKS

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