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Inner Healing – Christian or Occult?

I know many of the subscribers and friends to this blog are also subscribers and friends to Mkayla and her awesome blog, but even though this great article is not directly related the WoF, I wanted to give those who are not subbed to sister MK and her blog a chance to read this. I been studying cults and psychology for a long time and I learned quite a bit reading it. And the writing made me so happy and thankful that while the Lord has not given me complete victory of my own emotional problems and life struggles yet,, he has blessed me with the good sense and discernment to know that when i get really down, desperate and needy I am left very vulnerable and need to be careful of what I intake into my soul. While reading this I thought, man it is real nice to get such a reminder to be careful of all the dangerous stuff out there when I am not my usual self. PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE AND BE CAREFUL OUT THERE YA’LL, the enemy is roaming seeking whom he may devour and we must be wise as serpents.

m'kayla's korner

Having been trained as a SOZO minister I know the dangers it presents first hand. The following is a well written article which relates to SOZO (Christianized inner healing with no basis in scripture.) 

I know there are many of you out there with questions and concerns. I hope this helps shed some light on its origins and why we need to stay away. Christ is sufficient for all our needs. Every one of them.

Inner Healing/Healing of Memories

Christian or Occult?*

–  Healing of the memories, or inner healing, or healing of the emotions has its roots in the teachings of anti-Christian and occultist, Agnes Sanford. It was carried on after her death by those she influenced, such as lay therapists Ruth Carter Stapleton (deceased sister of Jimmy Carter), Rosalind Rinker, John and Paula Sandford (currently of Elijah House, a demon-deliverance and memory healing center in Port Falls, Idaho)…

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