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SUNDAY MORNING CHRISTIANS by “Rambling” Steve Downing — From the CD “So Far Away From Home” (The Arizona Years) 1987-1994 — UPLOADED BY DAMON WHITSELL


******* If you can listen to this song and not get convicted about something, you might or might not be a real Christian*******

A bass player freind and me were hosting an open mic at the End Of The Trail bar in Pearland Texas and this big ole boy that looked a little like Jesus came in and checked us out and went back to his car to get his guitar. I’m glad he came back because he rocked balls for a country boy and was a very kool dude. I got to play with him 6-8 times and I really enjoyed it. The second time I heard this song I was playing the drums and listening along and checking out what he was signing about. Then there was one line that reminded me of my son and I began to cry and struggled to keep a simple four quarter beat for the rest of the song.

Since then the song has become one of my favorites even though I am not much into country music, but this is old style country music and IT WILL HIT YA RIGHT IN THE HEART WITH CONVICTION – especially if your just a pew warming Sunday Morning Christian. This song will evoke self examination in us all as we need to all ask ourselves,, are we really in the faith,, can our faith stand the test and is it strong enough to carry crosses and to fight the Good Fight.



Jesus A Get Rich Scheme? (A MUST READ!) Posted by

“How would you like to live forever?” yelled the pastor on TV, “Wouldn’t you like to be forgiven of your sins and given a fresh start? Don’t you want to spend eternity in paradise instead of burning in hell? Or claim the wealth and health God has for you?” The pastor relentlessly continued, “Then all you have to do is believe in Jesus, ask him into your life, and all this will be yours!”

I felt as if I had just been sold Jesus. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? To be wealthy, healthy, forgiven, not go to hell, and live in paradise! It’s a dream come true! But my heart couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of people who just signed onto to this ‘get rich scheme.’ Many had been fooled into making a decision for Jesus, but few of them had actually committed to Him. This is not the way it was meant to be. Jesus is not some prize to be won. We can’t just believe in him and then go about our lives as usual. It doesn’t work that way. Yes, the Scripture in the Bible says that all you have to do is believe to be saved (Romans 10:9), but it doesn’t stop there. Not only are we to believe, but belief comes with actions, verbal actions, and actions showing the sincerity of heart…

“ So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.” James 2:17

Faith without works is nothing but dead faith. In other words, if you accepted Jesus with the words of your mouth and fell for one of those, ‘get rich schemes’ on TV, and little to nothing changed in your life. Then I have to ask you, did you really commit your life to Jesus or did you just say some fancy words?

You see, many people call themselves Christians but in truth, have fallen for the schemes of a few pastors. These people have made a decision for Jesus, but not a real commitment to him. In reality, you can’t have one without the other. If you are one of those, who have only made a decision for Jesus, then you need to ask yourself are you truly His?

Let me put it this way. Lets say a volcanologist (someone who studies volcanoes) came to your house and told you that in a few weeks a volcano was going to erupt near your home and that you needed to evacuate the premises; otherwise you and your house would be destroyed. He even showed you the paperwork and proved what was going to happen. You kindly and sincerely thank the gentleman, and acknowledge that you believed him, and told him you would be evacuating soon. But as time went on you lived life as usual. Sure you bought a few water jugs and stocked up on a day or two of food, but none of that could actually help you when the volcano erupted. Weeks passed and sure enough the day of the eruption was at hand and just as the volcanologist predicted, the volcano erupted. But it was too late.

You see, that person stated with their mouth that they believed the volcanologist, but at heart level they did not believe. Why? Because there were no actions to back up that belief. If they had truly believed they would have gotten the heck out of there. But instead they made a ‘decision’ to believe and not an actual commitment. Thus it is with many ‘Christians’ today who say Jesus is their Lord. They decide to believe Jesus, but have not committed to him.

The true cost of following Jesus involves more than just believing in Him. The Scripture is full of evidence for this. Did you know that in the Gospels the word, “believe,” is only used five times. While the word, “follow me,” is used about twenty times. Meaning Jesus wants us to not only believe, but to be followers of him. For if your words hold value, and you made the decision for Jesus, then your actions will back that up.

When you give your life to Jesus you’re not just handing over a verbal statement, you are handing over your life. Did you hear that, your LIFE! That’s huge! Meaning there will be sacrifices, trials, and things that have to change. A true follower of Jesus means you will have a transformed life.

“Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:27

When Jesus made this statement there were crowds of people listening. He didn’t say………..



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