Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 30, 2012

Ex-Word of Faith Testimony of Richard: I am writing because I cannot be silent – If I were to be silent it would be evil

NOTE FROM ADMIN: WE received this testimony today and decided to post it in-spite of the fact that is highly emotional, calls names and falsely refers to the Charismatic and Pentecostal Movements as Cults. While my studies have led me to believe the WoF is indeed a monolithic Cult, the same cannot be said about Pentecostals and Charismatics. I believe these movement are wrought with much error, and even occult influence and practice, but have always considered the movements to be a legitimate, although heretical, branch of the Christian faith. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR TESTIMONY RICHARD!!!

Dear Reader, I testify to everyone who hears this, against the Word of Faith movement. Personally I think it is wrongly abbreviated WoF. It should be Wolf. That is a pun, but a wholly serious one. “Word of Losing Faith” in the Truth is a better definition.

I hear these words that these leaders such as Kenneth Hagin were merely sincerely deceived. I don’t believe that is possible. I think it necessary to expose wolves for what they are. Imposters look sincere but that is because they spend their life appearing to be what they clearly are not. That is the nature of a deceiver, a fraud, an impostor and a seducer. It is necessary to warn the sheep from destructive wolves in love for the sheep.

I am writing because I cannot be silent. If I were to be silent it would be evil. I must protest and speak against evil – whether anyone is willing to hear or not.  I am writing in protest against what is clearly nothing more than a CULT.

And what a tremendous CULT all of this is – this so called “Faith” Movement. I was for a season or a time, in my innocence, mixed up with this cult myself, because I couldn’t imagine when I was only a young Christian, such evil, such liars and wicked people, such impostors, such abominable deceivers. So I listened to CULT LEADERS, and monsters such as Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and many more. These prosperity preachers, condemners of the sick and poor; blasphemers of God’s holy Word, these are they who seek glory from men, pretending to be godly, but are full of extortion and excess, these MONEY LOVING, SELF SEEKING WOLVES, may God SAVE his people from them.

To those involved in the so-called Word of Faith Movement I want to say: I really wonder what is the matter with all you people, that is, with all of you who attend these so-called Christian meetings and listen to such drivel! What has possessed your minds? What evildoers, what impostors must these preachers and teachers be, to so bewitch you, to bewitch so many! The Faith Movement is an awful, horrible cult!!!

I must protest, and all the more because I was involved in this Cult. Previously, I did not realize the truth about it. Even though I was not so involved and was not deceiving others in taking money from people, nor meant any harm, I nonetheless repent for giving any money to these monsters posing as ministers of God. I am sorry I ever shared with another the so-called teaching materials of that lying monster Kenneth Hagin and for listening to that wicked man, Kenneth Copeland (these antichrists) etc. I was involved in the Faith, Charismatic, Pentecostal cult meetings. And do you want to hear a REAL testimony? I was delivered from all their falseness since it was never really mine. I got absolutely delivered from these wolves, from having my mind stolen, from their witchcraft and insanity.

I woke up! I learned more and more to read the Bible for myself (without their antichrist philosophies). I cast away the words of men – their oppressions and abominations. I could never really lay hold of such evil philosophies and can never really believe such absolute trash, which they very falsely call “Christian”. These people are so rotten that they make even genuine sheep think that sin is holiness, they make sin look like righteousness, because they are so very far from God. I repented of listening to these mind stealing, emotion manipulating wolves, and I warn. I warn! I repent for ever sharing their evil words and books or believing any of their complete TRASH. I condemn all their evilness, and I ask God to save his people from them, and from all such wolves that are deemed great “leaders” in the “church”. God, save your lambs!

Sincerely, Richard.




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