Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 3, 2012

Old School Documentary Refuting The Word of Faith Movements Positive Confession Heresy

This documentary is pretty good. Later today I am going to post an outstanding teaching series (the best I have seen) that thoroughly refutes many of the scriptures that the Word of Faith Movement takes out of context to use as prooftext for their doctrine of confessionism (otherwise known as positive/negative confession, name it and claim it, Faith in Faith and [as Kenneth Copeland by the title of a book calls it] Faith is a Force).

This Video examines and refutes:
1. Prosperity Gospel coveting money
2. Tritheism Dakes revelation Gnostic heresy
3. God has Faith, man uses faith to manipulate existence and speak into existence lusting sinful desires.
4. Adam was God.
5. Adam changed Nature with Satan at the fall.
6. God confesses Christ appearing.
7. Jesus first born again man.
8. Jesus became Satan on the cross.
9. Christians are little “I am gods.”
10.Similarity to “The Secret” Law of Attraction


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