Posted by: Damon Whitsell | February 28, 2012

Excellent Rant on The Prosperity Gospel, Drug Dealers, Prostitutes, Pimps and Hustlers

I walk through the ‘hood and checkout the Drug Dealer; he has CARS, PROPERTY, and MONEY. I checkout the PROSTITUTE; she has DESIGNER CLOTHING, JEWELRY, LAVISH LIVING QUARTERS, and MONEY. I checkout the PIMP; he’s STACKING WEALTH, PROPERTY, CARS, and PRESTIGE. I checkout the HUSTLERS of the UNDERWORLD (conmen, thieves, robbers, thugs, gangsters and killers) of INFAMY and SIN; they’re ALL packing, stacking and strapped with MONEY, POSSESSIONS and MATERIALISM.

All of these KNOWN SINNERS have all of what they have – and WITHOUT even acknowledging God in the least! So what can the PROSPERITY DOCTRINE do for them? Get them SAVED? Get them REDEEMED? Help them LIVE HOLY? What about get them CLOSER to God? What, NONE of these? If that’s the case, then we have to CONFESS that this DEMONIC PROSPERITY DOCTRINE being PREACHED by the FALSE PROPHETS and FALSE PREACHERS is SPIRITUALLY WORTHLESS! Why would God be INTERESTED in PUSHING and PROMOTING something that can be ACQUIRED WITHOUT Him? He said He won’t SHARE His Glory with another.

But we KNOW that the Gospel of Jesus Christ that leads to SALVATION is for EVERYBODY, of EVERY RACE, of EVERY BACKGROUND, and of EVERY WALK OF LIFE!!! Christians, it’s time to ERADICATE this POISONOUS doctrine out of the Body of Christ and RETURN back to our FIRST LOVE and REPEAT our FIRST WORKS over again that the Body of Christ was FOUNDATIONED upon!!!


The excellent rant above was posted in one of my facebook groups by Lloyd Mapuranga and is published here with his permission. To the content of the rant, I have to say RAVE ON, RAVE ON ,my brother!!!


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