Posted by: Damon Whitsell | February 16, 2012


It’s been a while since I’ve last written anything due to my hectic work schedule.  So, here is what I’ve been thinking about for a time.  (note:  this post was inspired by an e-mail exchange I had recently.)

With all the hype and false hope in the WoF Movement, you’d think millions were regularly healed of cancer, receiving large sums of money in their mailbox, never had problems in their relationships or had to deal with problems everyone else in the world has to face.  The magic bullet to all of one’s problems is giving.  Not only giving, but giving to them.  Not only is this not true, it has the potential to create more problems in your life.  God knows how many times we skimped on groceries in order to keep paying our weekly tithe, while the leaders of the church lived lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous.  The WoF is the ultimate pyramid scheme designed to keep you poor and them rich.

Giving is not the focus of this article, but keep this in mind:  Giving is the primary message of the so-called faith movement.  Everything hinges on your obedience to give tithes and huge offerings if you want breakthroughs in life.  Having said this, I want to turn up the notch of reality.  Not only does the Word-Faith message not help you, it can destroy your life by adding false hope and promise when life’s storms come and leave your faith shipwrecked. 

Here are some thoughts about why the WoF message can not help you.

1.)  Your faith is in your faith and not in Christ. 

If your faith is not anchored in Christ, then you do not have true biblical faith.  This leaves one trusting in themselves, not Christ, when life gets difficult.  Reality is often denied, and the person tries harder and harder to cope with a false sense of reality.  When reality is denied, circumstances are not addressed and nothing changes, except for the constant draining of the bank account.

All suffering and all issues are blamed on the devil.  One usually rambles on in prayer binding devils (not a biblical practice) and speaking positive confessions (lying) in attempt to change the situation.  This builds pride in the practitioner, instead of a constant dependence on God to build character and help them grow. 

Not only are all issues blamed on the devil, all suffering is blamed on him as well.  This does not line up with this passage:

Therefore let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.  1 Peter 4:19 ESV

Trusting God should be the foundation to our faith, not having faith in a faith that does not exist.  Faith is not a force, it is simple trust in God as its founder and perfecter.  Heb. 12:2

One should entrust their souls to God, not their faith, or worse, their seed (money).

2.) There’s a slither of truth in the movement, but it is defiled with much error.

When you mix much error with truth, you no longer have pure truth, you have a different truth than what was intended.  The truth becomes distorted and even poison, like clean water mixed with bleach.  It looks good and refreshing, but it is now poison.

3.) Principles are maximized, gospel and grace are minimized.

The Word-Faith heresy is heavy on law and principles and weak on grace and gospel.  The Word-Faith person becomes obsessed with learning cute little sayings, quotes from heretics and gospel-less principles.  One becomes the center of their own life, instead of letting Christ rule and reign in them.  Self is the center and context of their life, not Jesus.  Therefore their works and efforts turn into humanism or works righteousness.  All you have is a gospel of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.  Hell is full of such people.  The attitude is:  OK, God.  I’ve gave, I’ve confessed, I’ve worked like a dog, now it’s time for you to bless me.  Bring it on, God!




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