Posted by: Damon Whitsell | February 13, 2012

Ex-Word of Faith Testimony of Steve Gregg: Plus Some Great Audio Teachings Against The Healing And Prosperity Gospel

This is a snipit from Mr. Gregg’s testimony concerning his involvement in the Word of Faith movement as a teacher. He has had quit a long and bumpy trip in his doctrinal journey but his refutations of on-demand healing in the atonement are matchless. They really are that good. I have not listened to any of his other material so your on your own there guys. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

In 1971, someone put into my hands some little books by Kenneth Hagen, and I became (briefly) convinced of the “Word of Faith” teaching. I probably taught these doctrines for nearly a year before I began, through my own Bible studies, to see the fallacy of these interpretations of scripture. I abandoned these teachings soon afterward. Fortunately, I had already been reading books like those of Corrie ten-Boom, Richard Wurmbrandt, Watchman Nee, Brother Andrew, Hannah Hurnard, and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs—so I had already imbibed a fairly scriptural attitude toward suffering, which probably made it harder for the Word of Faith ideas to take a permanent hold on my sympathies. Around the same time, I also became aware of the phenomena of demon-possession and the Satan’s general activities. I was briefly swayed by certain “deliverance ministries” that seemed to be getting spectacular results in helping people with problems that were apparently caused by demons. I had previously been taught, at Calvary Chapel, that Christians are invulnerable to demonization, but I decided to do my own thorough study of the scriptures on the topic, and emerged from the inquiry, two years later, with the conclusion that the Bible says nothing for or against the possibility of the demonization of Christians. Today, I still have an interest in helping people whose problems may be demonically-induced, though I soon got over my fascination with “deliverance ministries,” which seemed to see demons behind every personality quirk, every sin, and every misfortune.


Audio teachings by Steve Gregg

01. Introduction
02. Is Healing in the Atonement?
03. Healing on Demand?
04. Prosperity?



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