Posted by: Damon Whitsell | January 12, 2012

Ex-Word of Faith Testimony of Ariel

 I recieved this testimony in the comments section of the video below on our YouTube Channel about a year ago and I seen it again when I approved another comment and decided to post it. It was a reminder to me and hopefull encouragement to others who expose false teaching. It is worth the work.  

Dear brother…

Thank you for this vid.

I am a former WOF follower. I attended Life Christian Univ. for almost 2 years which is seminary where prety much all the books that you study are written by Kenneth Haggin.

I enter this church as a baby christian, hungry for the word of God and thirsty for the HS.

After a while following these ppl, and faithfully study the scripture, I realized that something is not right.

I began to search out for the truth, and lo and behold, I came to the realization that I am in a movement which is called WOF.

I withdraw myself from the school and the church with a simple letter to the pastor and the teachers…

I followed the promtings of the HS, which protects us from erroe and false teaching…

Unfortunatelly, my sister is still involved with a similar church, which pastor’s spiritual father is Kenneth Copoland.

I had tried to explain to her and her husband what is going on, gave her scripture and documentation

But she is still in the same church along with all her family.

She is stuck basically, and gradually, after many warnings and pleadings, she is not talking to me any longer.

I thank you for exposing and talking about these ppl, maybe, just maybe someone out there like me will hear the truth.

It took me a long time, but with God’s help and the HS, I was able to clear my mind of the heresies that these ppl teach.

I learned how to lean on the HS for guidance.

God bless


Here is the video Ariel commented on.



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