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A POEM: The 3D Effect Of The Word of Faith

A nice guy named Ron has been sending me some poems and studies that I am trying to find time to edit and post. Some of them are pretty good and I suggest he try to tighten his work up and he would have something great. Well Ron hit this one out of the Park! He has told me that I could publish anything he sends me so I am going to reformat some of what he sent me and post it soon and if he keeps sending stuff like this I’ll make a user name for him so it will be easier for people to find Ron’s work here. THANKS RON, Great job!!!

The 3-D Effect (Descent, Deception, And Desensitization)

Once a pastor fought the cause and took aim
Now you’re lucky if a pastor knows your name

The 1950’s biggest trouble in school was chewing gum
Now the school grounds they’re killing from

There was a day when your barn burnt down
Many came to rebuild from that town

When you were sick and needed help most
Church and family lined up to be your host

When a stranger in need came to ask
Now send him down the street to complete the task

When parents spanked their kids and it all made sense
Now we tolerate bad behavior, no real consequence

There was a time when family was very near
Now they’re far and spread, and we hardly hear

Truth about eternity, hell, fire and brimstone
Now they preach fluffy stories to reduce the tone

They think the Church is a building to entertain all
To manipulate with music, not knowing their great fall

Now they preach how to prosper and to gain
Not knowing the Word teaches it’s all in vain

What does a man gain to profit and toil
Only now to have his soul to spoil

The Church is believers to worship in it
Now we invite tares to come in and split

Instead of reaching out and doing a good deed
We now give a fraction, saying we’ve sown our seed

When the seed is really Jesus in our life
Spreading it individually and to suffer strife

The wise, mighty, and noble are scarcely called
It’s the humble and abase to Him who have crawled

Our knowledge has greatly increased
Our spirit though is almost deceased

Once was a button only to sew and hold
Now it’s a key stroke, powerful and bold

At the touch of a button we can now watch porn
Where many use to read God’s Word and be warned

Now sports, movies, and games have taken the place
When it was mostly family and friends that we’d interface

No longer molten calves as god’s we bow down to
It’s now thousands of things that we pursue

Instead of being separate and sanctified
We now look like the rest of the world and mortified

Now 2012 and there is a great shift
Truth, loyalty, and justice have all gone a drift

Had you known what hour the thief would enter
Would you’ve prepared yourself, an armed defender

The enemies plan was slowly making us compromise
When the truth about him, he’s the father of all lies

By Ron Evartt


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