Posted by: Damon Whitsell | May 18, 2011

TOUCH YA NEIGHBOR MINISTRY: False Teacher T.D. Jakes defends Obama’s salvation

In the movie Kill Bill, whenever Uma Thurman would hear or see one of the people who had attempted to kill her, an alarm would go off in her head. Unfortunately, I experience the same alarm every time I hear T.D. Jakes open his lying mouth. GCMwatch documented my last alarm in a post here. Jakes lied to a Muslim woman and told her she would go to heaven even if she didn’t believe in Jesus Christ.

The good thing about False Teachers? They always identify themselves. But, one can only know the difference between right and wrong by knowing the difference between right and wrong (the bible). The bad thing about false teachers? They are very skilled at keeping up a false guise of Christianity, and very good at duping so called Christians.




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