Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 4, 2011

PROSPERITY GOSPEL TACTICS As Seen in John Avanzini As Used by Most Prosperity Preachers – Russell Earl Kelly, PHD

The so-called Prospereity Gospel is really a horrendously unbiblical false gospel which is destroying the good name of Christianaity and is replacing it with a message of greed and selfishness.

John Avanzini’s Hundredfold Lie is very typical of other prosperity preachers. They all use the same tactics and WoF abuse of God’s Word.

This article can be duplicated almost word for word concerning any of the “great” word-faith preachers such as Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, T D Jakes, Creflo P. Dollar and all of the other false-prophet-John Avanzini types who are getting rich by manipulating the poor among God’s beloved children.

Go to Nigeria, one of the poorest and least educated nations of the world. Assemble 1000 Pentecostal holiness preachers whose main education is from preaching seminars. Tell them that God appeared to you in a vision last night. Promise them that God said He would give a one hundred-fold financial increase to those who would give what he instructed in faith. The result? The crowd of preachers went wild. They gave everything they could get their hands on and even threw their wedding rings and watches to Avanzini.

John Avanzini boasts about this great Holy Spirit experience and tells it over and over again as he goes to churches around the world. He speaks of his Nigerian driver who immediately received a new car but he does not tell if that driver continued to receive the hundredfold financial blessing from future donations. He does not tell if that driver is now superabundantly rich today because he has kept on giving.  The odds of a few of the 1000 eventually receiving a financial bonus are great, but why did not most of them receive it?

The motive?  Do I have to spell it out? All prosperity preachers appeal to greed, avarice, covetousness and especially ignorance of God’s Word.

What does the Bible say about the “hundredfold” increase? The NT Word of God includes the word five (5) times in two occasions. It occurs in Matthew 13:8, 23 and the parallel in Luke 8:8. It also appears in Matthew 19:29 and its parallel in Mark 10:30.


Matthew 13:8, 23 and Luke 8:8 is Jesus’ parable of the sower. It is about gospel workers who go forth and sow seeds of gospel truth (not money) in order to harvest souls (not money) for the kingdom of God. The context is NOT about money! In 13:10 the disciples asked Jesus why he taught in parables. Referring to knowledge of the “mysteries of heaven” in 13:11, Jesus says in 13:12 that those who are given knowledge from God will be given even “more abundance” –of knowledge, not money! Again this is referring to knowledge and not money.


Matthew 19:29 is in the context of the aftermath of the rich young ruler leaving because he was not willing to give up his fortune and follow Jesus from 19:22. Jesus summed up the encounter by saying in 19:23 “It is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus’ statement would not make sense if he wanted his disciples to become rich with earthly possessions.

In Matthew 19:27 Peter asked the important question that is in the minds of many Christians today. After reminding Jesus that the disciples had left everything and followed him, he asked “What then will there be for us?” In other words, “What kind of reward will we receive for following you?”




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