Posted by: Damon Whitsell | October 22, 2010

11 year old girl accepts the dangerous doctrine that Christians should not go to Doctors

This is really sad. In the 2 years I have been blogging on the Word of Faith Movement I have seen many people who let their children die by not seeking medical attention because to do so shows a lack of faith. Many have been prosecuted for this and some states are now making laws so that these parents cannot claim religious exemptions from prosecution.

An Ex-Word of Faith Pastor friend of mine suddenly lost his daughter to WoF teachings while in the middle of a sermon series on healing. Had she not been practicing WoF beliefs she could have been saved by sharing that she was having symptoms, but she had been taught that acknowledging sickness shows a lack of faith and is a bad confession . The indoctrination level and pressure to adhere to this false teaching is so great that my friend finished his sermon series on healing the day after he buried his daughter.

Our Groupblog Author Pappa Giorgio’s’ father died from cancer because he did not accept treatment for a highly treatable form of cancer until it was too late. So it can really be said that “Faith Kills”.

The last part is the part to hear. Please pray for this very smart and adorable young girl Sarah and others like her.


IMPORTANT NOTE FROM VIDEO MAKER: This video is NOT intended to EXPOSE any doctrines, teachings & practices of The Christian Research Institute, Hank Hanegraaff or “The Bible Answer Man” Broadcast as false. This video IS intended to EXPOSE the fact that no matter your age, gender or religion, following false doctrines, teachings & practices CAN & WILL eventually lead you to your spiritual as well as your physical death.


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