Posted by: Damon Whitsell | October 13, 2010

I Can’t, I Just Cannot – by RedeemedHippie

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A couple months back, I had the pleasure of having lunch with the young wife of the pastor where my husband goes to church. She told me she had a dream where I walked into church smiling. Knowing she meant well, I went easy on her. I told her, I can’t. I just can’t.

I can’t go to church anywhere where things are not being tested. I just can’t.

I can’t go where I see people bringing in the latest heresy books. And for what? To passively let the rest of us know what they are reading?

I doubt if I ever again will be able to worship in a typical church setting anywhere, knowing what I know: That the majority of worship leaders feel somehow it is their duty to manipulate the worshippers. I just can’t.

I can’t go anywhere where people would see “angel feathers” or “gold dust” as some great sign from heaven. I just can’t.

I can’t go where any preacher is afraid of confrontation. I just can’t.

I can’t go where especially the preacher is not testing things being too busy with building a little name for himself.

I can’t go where every gift is accepted, except the gift of discernment. I just can not.

I can’t go where theatrics and feelings are put above the Word of God. I just can’t.

I can’t do the smiley thing — greet your neighbor — when I know there is no desire for truth. I just can’t.

I can’t do church where people have voted in an anti-christ in my country. I just can’t. It shows they have no discernment and these people will end up serving Baal if they do not repent.

I can’t go where fellowship dinner is all about last night’s ballgame instead of Jesus Christ. I just can’t. Fellowship ought to be what it is called: Fellowship. NOT chit-chat that bores and not challenge or/and call up higher!

I can’t go and hear from the pulpit the latest ear-tickling jokes to set at ease the listeners. I just can’t!

I can’t go where love is confessed but no one makes an effort to know you except in church. I just can’t.

I can’t go if there is going to be a seeking of signs and wonders in any way. I just can’t. Not when the Word of God tells me, “an evil and adulteress generation seeks signs and wonders.” Not only I can’t, but I will not!

I can’t go where wolves and heretics are allowed to come in and teach. I just can’t.

I can’t go where Holy Ghost conviction is being quenched from those who have made the house of God a party atmosphere. I just can’t.

I can’t go where the New Age is being embraced in any way, shape or form. I just can’t.

I can’t go where the preacher allows every wind of doctrine come in. I just can’t.

I can’t go where yokes of performances are put upon the congregation. I just can’t.

I can’t go where everything but Jesus is exalted. I can’t and I will not!

But most importantly, I can not go where God has not called me. I just can not.

I do not put those down who do go to church. IF you are one who is able to go in spite of these things, then I truly am happy for you. My prayer is that you will make a difference somehow. But as for me, I can’t. I just can’t.

In no way have I meant to give the impression that the church my husband goes to is guilty of every one of these things. They are not. If anything, they are doing their best with what they have — as a lot of churches across the land are doing.

But as for me, I can’t. I just can not.


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