Posted by: Damon Whitsell | October 10, 2010

Todd Bentley, Lightning and a Demon: Your Call to the Reno Outpouring!

Hat-Tip and Good Eye to Pat.

Before you say Todd Bentley is not Word of Faith, you can see here that Bentley confesses to be “highly influenced by Kenneth Hagin”. Even saying Hagin’s gospel is the “full gospel”.

We have heard Bentley was returning to action. But now we find out Bentley’s return is prophetically predicted to be marked by “thunder and Lightening”.  And guess what? It came to pass! With a miraculous yet silent big bang.  So it is said by a site endorsing  the Reno Outpouring. Look at this freaky picture and read this from the website. (I suspect that it might get taken down).



Todd calls out Lightening


Lightning Last night Todd said that the Angel of the Lord was on stage for only the third time in three years.  As people were being healed Todd said that he saw lightning in the room.  As you know, Todd’s visit was preceded by a prophetic word that he would come with thunder and lightning as well as one of the biggest thunder and lightning storms we have seen lasting five days.  When Todd called out that he saw lightning again our Associate pastor/prophet Terry Spencer had just taken the photo to your right.  It’s time for everyone to get to the Reno Outpouring.  Get here however you can.


They claim this picture shows lightning over Todds head, but look at it again, and you can faintly see a Skull/Demon image in it. Now I’m not saying this is a real demon. When I was a kid my parents had a house built with custom paneling and when they stained the sheet panels there was a demon figure on one of them. And bad lighting and bad picture taking can produce all sorts of strange pictures.  But don’t you find it odd that they would not see the image in the picture. Don’t you find it odd that they would post this on their site. I mean after all, think about it, Todd says the Angel of the Lord is on stage with him. Don’t you find this picture very, very, very odd? OR, are you packing up your family and heading to Reno?


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