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Free Video Bible Study Method Course by

Want to know how interpret the Bible Correctly?

Our groupblog author, Jeff Kluttz is an an excellent teacher. And he has things set up at his church to where he weekly records different teachings series and makes them available on his blog. Right now he is doing a series on The Gospel (can you imagine that,, a whole series on the blessed good news) and this teaching series on Interpreting The Bible which is essentially a free bible study method class. In the early 90’s I took a bible study method course at a local bible college and Jeffs teaching series is essentially the same thing.

I have enjoyed watching the series as Jeff releases a new video every week. As of the posting of this post, Jeff is up to week and video 8 and it looks like he will be doing several more weeks into this study. I have been waiting patently for him to finish so I could post them here and then I discovered a way I can go ahead and post them now. Instead of embeding the videos on this page, I will just give a link to the series page on So far the series includes these videos with more to come.

  • Interpreting the Bible Vlog Course Begins Today
  • Intrepreting The Bible Pt. 2 – Linguistic Principle
  • Intrepreting The Bible Pt. 3 – Historical/Cultural Principle
  • Interpreting the Bible Pt. 4 – the Contextual Principle
  • Bible Interpretation Pt. 05 – Contextual/Theological Principles
  • Interpreting the Bible Pt. 6 – Resources
  • Interpreting the Bible – Part 7 – The Golden Rule of Interpretation
  • Interpreting the Bible – Part 8 – Applying The Golden Rule of Interpretation

Here is the link to THE VIDEO SERIES PAGE


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