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Kenneth and Gloria Copeland: The Untold Story by Rich Vermillion and

Things are heating up around the Rich has done a great job of giving an insiders perspective to yet more trouble for KC. Insiders coming forward before have said that KC and KCM does not even open prayer mail. One Ex-word of faither that worked for KCM said that KCM was dominated by the dangerous Sheparding movement and spiritual covering  beliefs. And KC refuses to tell how his ministries money is spent. Now it looks like Vermillion has some information about the Copeland family that does not befit ministers of God.

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Here is a post I made at CARM.ORG to help quickly bring readers up to speed on what Vermillion has told us about KC and KCM so far.

I think almost everyone is missing the point of the OP. KC not flying HIS personal jets to Haiti is NOT the point – and that does NOT constitute fraud.

But KC is guilty of fraud because he deceived his “partners” and potential partners (lied to them for personal gain) into thinking that he had a cargo plane to fly supplies and would be taking donations to buy a “FLEET” of cargo planes to fly relief supplies in the event of a natural disasters. KC even said that “FLEET” would include helicopters. The Angel Flight 44 “aviation disaster relief FLEET” was the center piece of KC’s (for lack of a better term) sale pitches at his 06 believers convention (17, 000 in attendant). KC even used the AF44 sales pitch in three of his Believers Voice of Victory magazines. He recruited Vermillion to write a book about AF 44 and gave 70,000 books away (for a donation, of course) to “partners”. The book has it’s own website. And with the fact that the 06 believers convention was aired on DayStar, Millions heard KC’s AF44 sales pitch.

Now consider the 70,000 books that where given for donations. If each of the donating partners donated 20$, that adds up to over 1,250,000$. But KC has publicly said he has ONLY spent 65,000 sending supplies to Haiti. The 1.25 million figure is only from the Believers Voice of Victory solicitations. This would not include money taken in at the convention and through the convention airing on Daystar and donations taken through the books website. In all reality KC probably received 10’s of millions of dollars specifically donated for the AF44 aviation relief FLEET,,, but there is no “FLEET” and again KC has only spent 65,000 on Haiti.

Beachie will only respond with more histrionics, instead of looking at the very well documented evidence that Vermillion has gathered against KC in the Angel flight 44 debacle, but he and everyone else needs to at least read these 2 post by Vermillion,,,,
(see the videos here)…-44-the-money/

Beachie, Vermillion was a KCM PARTNER for 17 years, He is a Charismatic that holds the office of prophet. He worked with KC to develop the AF44 book. That makes his “personal experience with KC” more authentic and non partisan than your emotional and theological attachments. Vermillion bills his effort to get KC to repent as a minister to errant-minister” open rebuke”. For you to pull the “if he was a good “brother” he would not be finding fault with another brother” card is absurd. It is almost as absurd as you using the ‘well what has Vermillion done for Haiti” card. Vermillion was a partner of KCM and gave money to the AF44 campaign. But his donations where wasted and KC is no more than a crook hiding behind religious freedom. If it where not for religious exemptions, KC would already be in jail for this because it is obvious fraud and the evidence is clear. But I would not expect “died in the wool” WoF’ers to even fathom this because your religious tradition and belief would hang in the balance if you examined the evidence.



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