Posted by: Damon Whitsell | August 9, 2010

Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attacks that Word of Faithers use against “Heretic Hunters”

Have you ever been called a “Heretic Hunter” or told ” touch not the Lords anointed“? If you have, it was probably coming from a Word of Faither that was defending his favorite Word of Faith teacher or doctrine. Both of these are what is called Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attacks. Perhaps some definitions are needed.

When we first started this blog, the first three comments we got where from Word of Faithers using Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attacks. Being the administrator, I quickly decided to make a comment page and close comments on individual post. I posted a bunch of Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attack examples on the comment page. I gathered them from a few sites and threw some that I had heard over the years in there. Read through these and see if you have heard any of them.

Your just being judgmental. Judge NOT least you be judged. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Can’t we all just get along. Touch not the Lords anointed. Your causing division in the body of Christ. Who are you to judge. What about all the good this teachings does. What about all the good things these teachers do. How do you expect to reach the world if you don’t ask for money. You don’t believe in the promises of God. You don’t believe in Miracles. That is not very Christian of you. Your putting God in a box. You not a very good Christian. Your not even really a Christian. What about unity. Didn’t Christ come to bring unity. You have a Jezebel Spirit. Your hindering the works of God. You don’t believe in faith. If the Word of Faith Movement was not from God,, it would not be prolific. What is wrong with wanting “Your Best Life NOW”, You’re just a heresy hunter. You are just a Sniper Christian. Your just a bloody Calvinist. Come not against the Man of God. We really like what your doing BUT. Your cause is Noble BUT. Your heaping judgment upon your head by judging. You don’t believe in prosperity. Your just jealous because you have not gotten your healing and financial blessings. Your just an old sour puss. What is your problem with God. You think God want us all to be in poverty. I myself was brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus as Lord in a similar type church. You don’t believe in the blessings of God. Your just casting hate nets. God works in mysterious ways. You have an antichrist Sprit. Didn’t Jesus tell us to just get along. Don’t throw stones, it is not very Christian like. God told me to tell you. I have a word of Knowledge from the Lord for you. Don’t make waves,, just ride them. Your just being difficult. Your not doing God any favors. But I was saved through one of these ministries and your denying the works of God. Your blaspheming the Holy Spirit. You’re a Modern day Pharisee. Why can‘t you be more loving. Stop being judgmental. We have seen and experienced the Miracles. We know all miracles are from God. Your not from God. Your just looking for something or someone to disapprove of. Your causing damage to the Body of Christ. Be advised NOT to come against God. God is doing a new thing and you are resisting him. God is against your religious Spirit. Your stuck in your religious tradition. We are not to judge. Why are you coming against this teacher of god. If it is not of God it will fail but if it is of God you can’t stop it. Jesus is more important than doctrine. Look at the fruit of these men. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. What goes around comes around. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Forgive and forget. Your ways are not the Lord’s ways. You cannot hope to understand God’s Divine Plan. You are not being a “team player”.

WELL HAVE YOU HEARD ANY OF THESE? I am sure many of the readers of this blog have. There is a good side to Wofers using Thought Terminating Cliches and Ad Hominem attacks, it shows that their doctrines and false teachers are really indefensible and they have no good arguments and reasoning to put forth. Thought Terminating Cliches, Ad Hominem attacks and other logical fallacies are all they have. SO FEEL GOOD THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE CALLS YOU A HERETIC HUNTER. You must be doing something right.


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