Posted by: Damon Whitsell | August 9, 2010

INTRODUCING The Word of Faith Recovery Forums


For a long time I wished that Ex-Wofers and those have been harmed by the WoF could have a place to do some serious fellowshiping, healing, networking and studying together. Some who come out of the WoF may chose not to attend church regularly or even go to church at all, and we all need fellowship with other believers. So I decided to open such a forum and see if it will be needed and used at this time. I know of two others that have tried to start WoF recovery groups/networks but they did not last very long because niche specific communities can be hard to build up. So I told the Lord that I would open up this forum and commit to it for 6 months and see what happens. So far we have 12 members with about 4-5 posting.

The Word of Faith Recovery Forums is a PRIVATE Recovery/Support minded Forums Board. Because we seek to maintain an environment that is most conducive to healing, restoration and fellowship,, you must meet one of the following criteria to become a member. You must be either,,,

  • An Ex-Word of Faither
  • Transitioning out of the WoF
  • Someone who has been negatively impacted by the WoF
  • Someone who is willing to be supportive to the above mentioned
  • Or someone who is actively exposing the errors of the Word of Faith Movement

To ensure the best environment possible, posting will be monitored to determine if all new members meet these criteria. Members Privacy is highly respected and will be maintained. So if you would like to join us and you meet one of these criteria,, Please register for an account. We hope you will be blessed during your time here.



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