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Ex-Word of Faith Testimony of Pastor Ed Watson: Heretic Hagin’s Doctrine of Devils and the Word of Faith’s History and Roots

Heretic Hagin’s Doctrine of Devils; The Word of Faith’s History and Roots

This “testimony” is not a “testimony”, per say, in the sense that Pastor Edward Watson tells how he got into the Word of Faith Movement and how he got out of it. Rather this is a sermon in which Watson does a thorough scriptural refutation of many of the Word of Faith heresies. And he does so very well, with an ex-Wofer’s passion.

The sermon is about an hour and a half long,,, so you will need to schedule time to listen to it, if your going to. But you’ll be hard pressed to find a better sermon on the WoF from an Ex-WoFer or non Ex-WoFer. Watson does a great job.

I cannot embed the MP3 onto this blogpost, so you will have to go here to hear the sermon.


The Word of Faith, is it a Christian movement of God as many Christians would assert, or is it a doctrine of devils cleverly disguised in Christian rhetoric deceiving believers and bringing shame on the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Word of Faith movement would like you to believe their roots can be traced back to the Asuza St. “revival” at the turn of the century in L.A., if that were true that would be disturbing enough, but is another study. The fact is that the “Word of Faith” movement did not descend from the pentecostal movement. No, instead it will be proven that it was an infiltration into the church that can be traced directly back to Christian Science, theosophy, and luciferianism or satanism. Pastor Ed was in the word of faith movement for years and has born the scars of that demonic movement. He speaks not from hurt or a desire for any type of revenge, but to warn believers out of a motive of love for his fellow brethren in Christ. Open you heart, your Bible, the PDF, and if you are in any way affliated with this movement ask the Lord if there is something wrong with this movement to show you and to lead you out of it, ask with a willing heart to obey, and join us as we expose the grevious error of this movement that moves the hearts of Christians from their Saviour to the false god of mammon.  James 5:19,20



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