Posted by: papagiorgio200 | August 4, 2010

Heartbreak! Rifqa Bary Refuses Chemo After Healing Revival

She has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Out of the frying pan into the fire. The sad thing is, her parent may not be the worse thing for her… she may be.

Religion News Blog:

Christian convert Rifqa Bary is refusing chemotherapy for cancer because she believes that she was cured at a faith-healing event, according to a motion in Franklin County Juvenile Court.

Rifqa was to undergo a year of chemotherapy after her cancer was surgically removed, the document filed by her parents states. But Rifqa, who is in foster care, was taken to a faith-healing event in Youngstown a couple of weeks ago by Franklin County Children Services, without her parents’ consent, according to the document.

A motion to force treatment is to be considered on Tuesday in Juvenile Court.

Rifqa’s attorneys, meanwhile, are asking the court to make “special findings” so that she can obtain an immigration status that will allow her to stay in the country and obtain medical care. Rifqa, a native of Sri Lanka, does not have legal status in the United States, her attorneys have said in court.


Rifqa ran away from home in July 2009, saying her Muslim father would kill her for converting to Christianity. She lived with evangelical pastors in Florida before returning to Ohio to live in a foster home.


The Barys want to force chemotherapy and are concerned that their daughter could die without treatment, Tarazi wrote….

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In case you do not know about her… here is an old video: