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RECOURCE VIDEOS AND ARTICLES: (Faith in Faith/Faith is a Force) What is Faith?

Since the most basic heresy of the Word of Faith Movement is it’s redefinition of Faith, the topic that had arisen the most on our comments page is that of the question “What is Faith” and much of that has to do with the WoF sacred cow Mark 11:22-24. It is very important to clearly understand the biblical definition of faith. A right definition and false definition of faith is the dividing line between biblical Christianity and occultism wrapped in Christian terms.

I gathered a few articles that deals with this subject for visitors on our comments page. I thought I would gather all or most of the post on this blog that deal specifically with this subject and make a resource type post listing these resources.


Here Jesse Duplantis teaches the WoF false defintion of faith by making the case that since “death and life” are in the power of the tongue he then concludes that we, not God, decide when to live or die.

Here is Joyce Meyers teaching this false definition of faith.

Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason answers the question, “What is faith?” For more visit

I think this video is probably the best resource on this subject from this blog. This video is part of groupblog author Pastor Jeff Klutts’s video and article series titled Wolves in Wool”

Wolves in Wool 3 – Faith, the Omnipotent Entity from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

Pastor James Blocker Maranatha Tabernacle Queens, NY discuss how the Word of Faith teachers misdefine faith; and compares their teachings to the Word of God.


Here is the first sermon groupblog author PapaG preached.

Faith In Faith

This is a list of commentary references on Mark 11:22-24 from PapaG

Some Commentary[ies] on Mark 11:23-24 (An Often Mis-Interpreted Verse By Word of Faithers)

This is from Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes

MARK 11:23-24 – Did Jesus promise to give literally anything we ask in faith?

And I really like these articles

The Power of the Spoken Word – Biblical or Occult law? Part 1

The Power of the Spoken Word – Biblical or Occult law? Part 2

Abracadabra, Presto and SHAZAAM,, YOUR HEALED of your Word of Faith Delusion,,, because I SAY SO By Damon Whitsell

Winking, Wiggling and the Power of Words (A Word of Faith Movement Article)

Word Faith teaching- A spiritual copy of the Mind Sciences by LetUsReason

Understanding Mark 11:23 [can you have what you say?]


The Fraudulent Faith of the Word of Faith Movement and Revivalism

Is Faith a Superpower?

Faith in God or “MY FAITH”



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