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VIDEO TEACHING: Wolves in Wool – Is Faith an Omnipotent Entity? (Faith in Faith/Faith is a Force)

This Video is part of groupblog author Pastor Jeff Klutts’s video and article series titled “Wolves in Wool”. I think this video is probably the best resource on the subject of “What is Faith” from this blog. Jeff not only exegetes the meaning of faith from several biblical passages, he also deals with about a dozen or so quotes from Word of Faith teachers on the subject of faith.

I cannot say enough about the quality of teaching that Jeff has shared with this blog and it’s visitors. You will be extremely blessed if you visit Jeffs RETURNINGKING.COM.

Jeff has turned two of his teaching series into books. The Returning King and Spirit World. And since the books are essentially his article series, both books are available for FREE READING. And he is now finishing up the book Wolves in Wool which comes from his article and video series that is on this blog. Jeff is currently doing two new video series called “The Gospel Truth” and “Interpreting the Bible“. He also has a couple of other completed video teaching series.

And you can watch these teaching series as they are streamed live at  

Which is essentially an online TV channel for services at the church Jeff pastors, First Baptist Church Needville TX, USA –

As you can see there are many reasons to visit and bookmark Jeff’s blog RETURNINGKING.COM.

I have really enjoyed brother Jeffs teachings. I hope you do also. Jeff really does a good job on the subject of Faith in the following video.

Wolves in Wool 3 – Faith, the Omnipotent Entity from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.



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